World University Games Blog: Day 13

July 17, 2013

Editor's Note: This is the final entry in the World University Games Team Blog for K-State Volleyball. The Wildcats represented Team USA at the Games in Kazan, Russia. Photos, Blogs and Videos have been posted throughout the trip from the team. Today's blog entry is written by Bailey Shurbet

July 16 – Bailey Shurbet

Well, to say the least this adventure back home was bittersweet. Everyone had a blast in Kazan, but we are all ready to go home, sleep in our own bed and reunite with friends and family.

The trip home began with a lovely 2 a.m. checkout from the dorms, then after that off to the airport we went to officially begin the journey! Once at the airport, thankfully we had some of the volunteers entertain us by serenading us with their own little versions of songs by Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra (quite the mix I know). Oh, I can't forget the oh so lovely three hours of Gina and Katie brushing up on their "Irish" accents until we got on the plane. Let's just say everyone was happy when they fell asleep. haha. By the time we got to Moscow, all the Cats were a little slap happy being sleep deprived and all. With an almost 6-hour layover in Moscow, some serious "cat" naps took place. After naps and lots of shopping for chocolate (that we had been recently deprived of since the village security gates held all of ours captive), we were FINALLY off to America!!

The plane ride went very smoothly besides a few minor technical difficulties with Trax's TV, but a little subtitles won't hurt anyone. Then... drum roll please..... USA! What a relief it was to see everything written in English and actually be able to understand what everyone around you was saying, we immediately felt at home. Immediately we grabbed some food, realizing to never again take ordering in English and paying with US dollars for granted ever again and off on the plane we went! The plane ride was rather uneventful and incredibly short compared to the others, along with the bus ride from KC to Manhattan.

So our once in a lifetime experience in Russia is officially at an end, but we loved every moment of it, and I couldn't find a different team in the whole world that I would have rather spent it with. Thanks so much for everyone's support and for those who provided us with such an incredible opportunity. We are glad to be home sweet home. America.... Cats LIVE here! It's great to be back everyone:)

Bailey Shurbet