Meet the Team: Courtney Traxson

Aug 20, 2013

K-State Athletics

Leading up to and through the start of the 2013 season, here is an opportunity to learn a little more about the K-State volleyball players. Next up is Courtney Traxson, senior outside hitter from Cheney, Kansas.

What do you like most about the K-State campus?

"I would say it's easy to walk across. I've been to other Big 12 campuses and they are huge. I am not much of - I play volleyball, but [walking] is not an activity I like to get. I like to have a short little walk."

What do you like about Manhattan, KS?

"I like the sense of community. I feel like I know someone that is wearing purple. I mean, I may not actually know them, but I can get to know them based on the common bond of K-State purple."

Favorite place away from the K-State campus?

"The Little Grill. It's out of town. Some Jamaican guy runs it. There's always loud music. It's a cool little place. [Gina Madonia: Where is it located? Traxson: I'm not telling you]

"Goofiest" teammate?

"I would say Katie Brand. Nobody knows that, outside the volleyball team, but they will soon find out."

Strangest food item seen in Russia as part of K-State's trip to the World University Games?

"I saw boiled tongue, and I was really tempted to try it. I chickened out, though. That was probably the worst I saw. I think Gina [Madonia] would agree, the little croissants, the desert with the cream inside, were the best thing we ate, though."

Favorite K-State sport, other than volleyball?

"Football. I just enjoy the tailgating, everyone is there, huge crowd - a little bit smaller than volleyball crowds we get [laughs] - but still pretty good. It's just fun."

Biggest role model?

"I had a coach my senior of high school, Sara Lungren, who played at Wichita State and played a little bit professionally. She was 6-4, amazing, played all the way around as a [middle blocker]. She just really helped me build myself in my last year of high school."