Spradling Ready for Roads Ahead

After a memorable career in which he finished in the top 10 on 11 different charts, on May 17 he graduated from K-State with a dual degree in general and HR management. Since K-State fans last saw him in action, he's signed with an agent who he hopes can find him a good fit with a professional team in Europe and has spent a lot of time with his fiancé, Meagan Moylan, planning their upcoming wedding.  
Over his four years at K-State Spradling helped the Wildcats to a record of 92-43, made it to the NCAA tournament four times and, in 2013, was a part of K-State's first conference Championship since 1977.
Finally able to sit back and rest after four busy years on the court, things are going well for the hard-nosed, gritty guard. 
Sports Extra was able to catch up with Spradling last week during his five-day trip touring around Western Kansas on the Catbacker Tour's Western Swing. 
Here's what he had to say:
On his future of potentially playing professional basketball, Spradling said, "I've signed with an agent in Spain and right now it's just kind of a waiting game to see if he can find some teams that will sign me and get me a contract. Hopefully, late August or September I'll be going over seas and playing professional basketball.
"I've been lucky to be able to take trips these past three summers through different programs; we went to Brazil as a team and last year I was able to go to Belgium, Holland, London and Germany to play against other professional teams. I've gotten a taste of it and I loved it. So I have an idea of what it will be like, and hopefully that idea will come true."
On graduating and what earning his degree means to him, "It's up there with one of the best. Obviously basketball only lasts so long, so having that degree is really something that I can fall back on and it goes a long way."
On his engagement he said, "We've got just about everything done, now it's just about sitting and waiting, only two more months."
Spradling and Moylan have been together for nearly three years and, during the Catbacker Tour when Spradling had the opportunity to talk with numerous Wildcat fans, his upcoming wedding was always a highlight of conversation.
On the tour, he told a story about how Moylan would help him out in the gym despite both of their crazy schedules.
"She works full time so we'd either have to get up early or go late at night," he continued. "She'd go rebound for me, we'd do some drills and she'd pass for me. She's just always been there for me and it's nice to have that support. There's not a lot of girls that would want to do that and that's something that really set her apart from all the others."
Now that it's all said and done, Spradling has also spent some time reflecting back on his Wildcat career. He said during the season when people would ask him about his various accolades, he hadn't really thought about them.
"Obviously people kept asking me that question during the season, but I wasn't really looking in the past then," he said. "Now that it's all over, it's fun to just look back on it and see all the accomplishments that I had and that the team had. It's really cool to think that you accomplished things like that.
"Winning a Big 12 Championship which hasn't been done in a long time, four NCAA Tournaments in a row; there are not a lot of people who can say they've done that. I'm proud to be a part of that and to be a part of this K-State Basketball program that really got turned around."

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