Already in progress today and continuing into the spring season could be Kyle Klein, Collin's brother, moving from defensive end to wide receiver, and, reserve quarterback Justin Tuggle from quarterback to linebacker.    On the possibility of a Klein to Klein touchdown pass, Kyle laughed, "Let me be the first to say I'd like to see that."    On the possible move, offensive coordinator Dana Dimel said, "We knew he had the ability to learn and then he demonstrated a degree of toughness. When you have that desire to learn and get better, with a toughness to go with it, you can create some real issues."    Klein, who is 6-4, 230 and with 4.63 40-speed, last played receiver in high school in Loveland, Colo., when he was both a wide receiver and tight end. As a senior, he caught 47 passes for 853 yards and 13 touchdowns.    "It's all kind of coming back to me," said Klein, who first started tinkering with the move in early-November. "There's no doubt in my mind that I can play."    Tuggle first approached the K-State coaches on his move late in the year with defensive coordinator Chris Cosh welcoming the idea with open arms.    "I've always had my eye on him because of the quality of athlete he is," said Cosh of the 6-3, 227-pound junior. "You could see in the off-season that he had great change of direction ability, plus was a good leader and ran the ball with toughness. When you put all of that together, it's the formula for being a good linebacker."    Plus, there was the knowledge that Tuggle came from quality stock being the son of Jessie Tuggle, who played 14 seasons in the NFL and was named to five Pro Bowl teams as a defensive standout.    "I just want to get on the field and be a productive team player," said Tuggle, who was the third-team quarterback following an award-winning career at Blinn College. "I'm a football player, so I like hitting. I'm not afraid to hit, or be hit. We'll see what happens. It's early."WILDCATS IN AWE OF COWBOY STADIUM: No one said it better about the $1.2 billion (with a B) Cowboys Stadium than K-State sophomore linebacker Tre Walker: "Who has this kind of money? This should be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World."Defensive end Jordan Voelker added, "It's amazing. It was amazing last night when we ate up on the concourse, but to come out of the tunnel for the first time you get a whole new perspective on how big it is. It's eye-opening."    And, Clyde Aufner said, "You hear a lot about it, and maybe see it on TV, but you have to be here to appreciate it."    WHERE TO GO POTTY? Maria Black serves as one of the Cowboys Stadium tour guides, and outside of the mega-massive video board, she says one of the most amazing things about the facility are the 162 restrooms.    "All of our bathrooms can be flipped from male to female depending on the audience of the event for that day," said Black. Laughing, she added, "If it's a boxing bout, it may be 75 percent male, but if it's a Jonas Brothers concert where there are only 10 men in the building, we can switch to only two men's facilities."    She also pointed out that there are over 700 points of sale for concessions and souvenirs and that there are over 3,200 flat screen TVs, which is a Guinness World Record.    "The only places we don't have flat screens are in the bathrooms and in the elevators," she said.    THE COTTON BOWL: The old Cotton Bowl is still being used as it is the home of the Oklahoma vs. Texas game through the 2015 season, plus hosts the Grambling vs. Prairie View game during the Texas State Fair and the TicketCity Bowl, which takes place today with Penn State playing Houston. The facility had a $50 million face lift in the last five years.ON TODAY'S PROGRAM: It's a busy day for the K-State travel party with the availability of the Tall Cotton Cuisine at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center, the Gaylord Texan Pizza party where players will be sized for their Cotton Bowl watches, followed by Bingo Night.Along with practice, this is also the media day for the defensive coaches and players.COTTON DOES IT RIGHT! The AT&T Cotton Bowl provides hospitality rooms not only for the team members, but also the travel party.     The travel party room, a humongous ballroom, includes every kind of computer/TV game known to man, to a make-shift putt-putt golf course, to even old-fashion pinball machines and pool tables. Oh, and also stacks, and stacks and stacks of candy, plus a dozen flat screens for your viewing enjoyment.Next door, the players have their own play room with big-boy computer games, plus a place to shoot hoops.That's it for today from Dallas,Mark