Thank You Veterans

During the course of the week, Sports Extra had the opportunity to talk to numerous K-State student-athletes about Veteran's Day.
Here are their shout outs to veterans world-wide:
Football junior Jonathan Truman:
Grandfather served in the Army
"I just want to let them know we appreciate everything that they do for our country. I think sometimes as a college athlete things seem hard for me, but then when you really think about the guys that are laying down their lives for our country or giving up all their time and effort and even their lives in some cases for our country and our protection, college football and classes don't seem that hard."
Football sophomore kicker Jack Cantele:
Grandfather served in the Coast Guard
"We can't thank those people enough. We catch ourselves complaining about our schedules, but I don't think a single one of us would rather be overseas doing what they do. So we just appreciate them so much and love what they do and feel for their families and hope they all come home safe."
Football junior wide receiver Tyler Lockett:
"We're just very appreciative, and know that it doesn't go unnoticed. We appreciate everything that they do, even though that it may not always be in the news, we know that they're out there fighting for us."
Football junior offensive lineman B.J. Finney:
Father, Uncle and four friends served/serve in the Marines, two uncles served in the Navy, four friends are active Army
"I just thank them. Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we love or even have the opportunity to do what we love or even be in a country that we're in. My family, we have military ties, so I understand. I have a lot of friends that are in the military so I have a true, deep appreciation for what they do. I just sincerely thank them for what they do. I know people talk about how we sacrifice, but they're making the ultimate sacrifice, they're laying their life on the line, so to all of them, just thank you because it takes a lot of courage to lay your life on the line for millions of people that you don't even know. "
Football sophomore quarterback Daniel Sams:
"I want to thank them for everything. Me, personally, I would never have the guts to do what they do and sacrifice their lives, so I really want to take my hat off to them. I admire those people that have risked their lives for our freedom."
Volleyball junior middle blocker Natalie Jones:
"Hey thanks for all you guys do, we appreciate it. We're partnered up with the aviation brigade and they're all really great people. Thanks again."
Volleyball sophomore middle blocker Katie Reininger:
Mother served in the Air Force, father served 28 years in the Coast Guard
"Thanks so much for the great service you've done for our country. In good times and bad you were always there, and especially to the families of veterans and active duty people, for just sticking with them and being their support. It's just as hard as anything, we appreciate all the branches so thank you very much."
Volleyball freshman setter Bailey Shurbet:
Grandfather served in the Marines, stepfather and brother served in the Air Force, stepsister serves in the Air Force, brother-in-law serves in the Army
"I have a lot of family and a lot of background with the military, so I've seen first hand what they do and what they go through. The time and effort that they put into it, I greatly appreciate it. So thanks for everything that you do."
Men's Basketball sophomore guard Brian Rohleder:
Cousin serves in the Marines
"For Veteran's Day, thank you, first of all, for all you do for our country. With K-State basketball, we have a good partnership with the Big Red 1 at Fort Riley. We have things all over our court that say,  'Never grope over hardship or battle,' so it definitely influences us here on the court too."
Women's basketball senior forward Ashlynn Knoll:
Brother serves in the Marines
"I just appreciate it. I know how hard it is. Sometimes I'm in practice and I think, 'oh this kind of stinks,' and I'll call my brother and he's like, 'I went on a 20 mile hike today.' It's hard on families, and I just appreciate everyone that serves. It takes a special kind of person."
Women's basketball junior guard Haley Texada:
"Just seeing our soldiers here daily and knowing that sometimes they don't get to be home with their families. We went to Fort Riley last year and got to talk and speak with some of the wives and children of deployed soldiers, and so I really respect them for sacrificing a lot to serve us."
Thank you, veterans. 
K-State football's Fort Riley Day took place Saturday, Nov. 2, during K-State's matchup against Iowa State. Bill Snyder Family Stadium was filled to the brim with red, white and blue pride as soldiers from Manhattan's neighbor military instillation, Fort Riley, were honored at the game.
The following week, K-State Sports received an email with this story:
"At the game this weekend, at a barbecue sandwich concession booth on the west side of the stadium, an Iowa state fan gave the server a 100 dollar bill and said 'Don't let a member of the military buy a sandwich until this is gone.' He came back a little while later and gave her a second 100 dollar bill."
A class-act from a great Iowa State fan, and a story too good not to share.
The Fort Riley 1-28 Black Lions cheer for the Wildcats as they take the field against Iowa State during Fort Riley Day at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas on November 2, 2013. (Scott D. Weaver/K-State Athletics)

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