COMPARING COACHING NUMBERS: It's interesting to note the first four-year comparison of coach Frank Martin to the other great skippers of Wildcat past: Martin, 2007-08 - 2010-11; Lon Kruger, 1986-87 - 1989-90; Jack Hartman, 1970-71 - 1973-74; Tex Winter - 1953-54 - 1956-57.                                                 MARTIN    KRUGER    HARTMAN    WINTER GAMES PLAYED                         138           127             109               90 VICTORIES                                   95             81               72               54 NCAAS/WINS                               3/5            4/4             2/2              1/1 NITS/WINS                                   1/1            0/0             0/0              0/0 TOP 2 BIG 12 FINISHES               2nd           2nd         1st (2)/2nd    1st/2nd RECORD VS. KANSAS                 3-6           4-7              5-4              1-7  * RECORD VS. TOP 20              10-16         8-18            6-11             7-6 RECORD VS. TOP 10                   5-11         5-12            2-5              3-3 ALL-TEAM BIG 7/8/12 (1st team)    3               3                3                3 ALL-AMRICAN RECOGNITION       4               1                1                1     *  Only Top 20 wins were counted as the Associated Press went to a Top 25 in the late-1980s. First-team all-conference players during those years were: Jacob Pullen (2), Michael Beasley, Norris Coleman, Mitch Richmond, Steve Henson, David Hall, Lon Kruger (2), Jack Parr (2), Bob Boozer. Wildcats earning All-American recognition during those four-year periods were: Jacob Pullen (2), Denis Clemente and Michael Beasley; Mitch Richmond, Steve Mitchell and Jack Parr. MARTIN STILL IN TOURNEY: Martin has joined the CBS College Sports broadcast team for the NCAA Tournament. Beginning today, and throughout the weekend, the Wildcat coach will be an in-studio analyst for the network.     K-STATE TRIVIA: With 6-foot-4 Rodney McGruder leading the team in rebounds this year at 5.9 per game, the Wildcat sophomore joined Keith Amerson (1991) and Demond Davis (1995) as being the shortest Wildcats to ever lead the team in rebounds for a single season. And, K-State's Brittany Chambers was the only sophomore guard in the nation to score at least 500 points, control at least 180 rebounds and hand out at least 80 assists. The Wildcats' attendance for women's basketball of 4,068 was eighth high in school history, and ranked 24th in the nation. WHERE'S RO? Former K-State great Rolando Blackman is currently an assistant coach for the Turkey National team working under head coach Bogdan Tanjevic. MARTIN ON MARTIN: Late in the basketball year, a first-time media visitor to a Wildcat game asked Martin about his sideline behavior. Martin said, "It is what it is. I have an unbelievable passion for what I do, and I want people around me to have unbelievable passion. This is a young team that needs to understand that every possession is important. Every minute in practice is an opportunity to get better. I do hold people accountable. "I have children and I want people like me to deal with my children when I'm not around them," Martin continued. "I don't want them to make life easy for them. I want somebody to hold them accountable and demand that they do right ... not just every once in a while, but every day." OTHER WILDCATS IN THE BUSINESS: Along with Frank Martin, there were three others with K-State ties that took their team dancing this year in the NCAA Tournament. Bob Huggins' West Virginia team finished the year 21-12 with a 1-1 record in the NCAA tourney, while Lon Kruger's UNLV team finished the year 24-9, and Mark Fox's Georgia team ended up 21-12. Both lost opening round tourney games. Other ex-Wildcats still in the business as head coaches are: Tim Jankovich, Illinois State (12-19); Jim Wooldridge, Cal-Irvine (12-19); Dana Altman, Oregon (18-17); Jim Molinari, Western Illinois (7-23); Tom Asbury, Pepperdine (12-21); Mike Miller, Eastern Illinois (9-20); Ernie Ziegler, Central Michigan (10-21). TOURNEY TRIVIA: Heading into this week, it's interesting how the East-West and the Southeast-Southwest sides of the NCAA bracket have played out so far. In the East-West, there were only three upsets out of the 24 games played where the higher seed won with two of those belonging to No. 11 Marquette over No. 6 Xavier and No. 3 Syracuse. The other was No. 5 Arizona over No. 4 Texas. In the Southeast-Southwest Regionals, there were nine upset games out of 24 played where a higher seed won, which included two by No. 11 seed Virginia Commonwealth over No. 6 Georgetown and No. 3 Purdue, and No. 10 Florida State over No. 7 Texas A&M and No. 2 Notre Dame. The biggest stunner was No. 13 Morehead State over No. 4 Louisville, and for the 10th time in 11 years, a No. 12 (Richmond) defeated a No. 5 (Vanderbilt). In the first 48 games, 15 were decided by four points, or less. We hope you enjoy K-State Sports Extra. We would like to hear your comments and any story ideas for future emails, so fire them our way. Contact either Mark Janssen at, or Kansas State Director of Athletic Communications/SID Kenny Lannou at For those who would like to share Sports Extra with a friend or family member, or change your current email address, click here.