Thomas: Don't Ask Him for a Ride

Yes sir, Daniel Thomas is everything that most superstars of today ... are not. He's "Yes sir, No sir," polite, and quiet by nature. "Always been a shy kid who tended to gravitate to older people," said Reverend Jerald Thomas of his son. And, he's ultra humble. "That's what you like about him," said Kansas State coach Bill Snyder. "With Daniel, the team always comes first." Louella, Thomas' mother, adds, "That's the way he was raised: 'The humble child tastes the grace.' That means, if you stay humble, that keeps God's favor on your life." It was last month that Thomas was shopping at Manhattan's Wal-Mart when he saw a woman that appeared to have turned ill. Thomas helped the individual put the groceries in her car and asked if she needed further assistance. The lady asked for his name, and he told her that Coach Snyder wanted players to mingle with townspeople and help when there was an opportunity. Thomas would never relate such a story on himself, just as he does not try to create a "look at me" personality on the football field. Even after touchdowns, as Rev. Thomas says, "He just gives the ref the ball and goes about his business."  In his Southern Baptist reverend voice, he added of his son's non-celebration style, "His brother tried to get him to put a little 'joooooy' into it ... put some surrrr-gar on it, but that's not Daniel." To that, K-State DT says, "I guess I'm old school. I'm just not that kind of guy." Louella adds, "Even his friends call him 'a strange young man.' The only place I see him show excitement is at the table. Dan likes to eat." And, he likes to cook. "Yes sir, I'm a pretty good cook," Thomas admits with a smile.  "I love fried chicken, fried tilapia and any seafood. My roommates (Lamark Brown last year and George Pierson this year) probably wouldn't say much about my cooking, but that's only because they know they can't cook like me." Finally, the first hint of a brag from Daniel Thomas ... and it's about his cooking.  We hope you enjoy K-State Sports Extra. We would like to hear your comments and any story ideas for future emails, so fire them our way. Contact either Mark Janssen at, or Kansas State Director of Athletic Communications/SID Kenny Lannou at