Tidbits from Media Day

QUOTE OF THE DAYFirst question of the K-State Media Day Friday: "Who's at quarterback?" The coaches are only saying that fall camp will begin as spring camp ended: Carson Coffman, Collin Klein and Sammuel Lamur. So, Collin, are you the "chase-ee or the chase-er?" "Oh, I think it's a circle," quipped Klein. "I think everybody will be chasing, or being chased, at one time or another. I just hope it's not my own tail." BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS ABOUT NO. 8K-State fans learned bundles about Daniel Thomas last year when the Northwest Mississippi Community College transfer led the Big 12 Conference in rushing. But how about these items: • The Doak Walker Award candidate you see riding a bicycle around town just might be Daniel Thomas: "I still only have my learner's permit. (Laughing at himself) I still have to drive with an adult. I just never was that much into driving, so I never finished taking the tests. I do drive a little when I go back home ... but I guess I'm not legal. I'm looking to get a bicycle." • Favorite hobby? "Most people don't know that I'm a pretty good cook. I love to cook fried chicken or fried tilapia. I'm a big sea food guy. I've cooked for my roommates (Lamark Brown last year; George Pierson this year), but they probably wouldn't say I was a real good cook, but that's only because they can't cook like me." • Thomas says he played high school basketball games against former Wildcat Chris Merriewether. "I honestly had dreams of playing in the NBA ... not the NFL. I didn't take football seriously until my senior season." TRIVIA QUESTIONHow many of you can name the colors that Nike has given to the K-State football uniform? NEW UNIFORMSKansas State's uniform returns to the old Bill Snyder-look, which is a near duplicate in style of the NFL Dallas Cowboys. That will mean a pair of white stripes accented by a gray trim on the otherwise purple jersey sleeve. One significant change will be a small Powercat logo at the base of the v-neck. It will be bracketed by the left side by a Nike swoosh and on the right by the Big 12 logo. A more shiny color of gray will replace the dull gray pants with the same purple-white-purple stripe down the leg. SALUTING DYLAN AND ELIJAHThe 2010 season will be dedicated in memory of Elijah Alexander and Dylan Meier, two former Wildcats who lost their lives this past spring. Alexander, 39, died of a rare cancer in March, while Meier, 26, died of injuries suffered in a fall during a family hiking outing in Arkansas this past April. ESPNU VISITSThe cameras of ESPNU took a brief look-see at K-State's first on-field practice on Thursday for use later in the season. MO A FIERCE COACHK-State center Wade Weibert remembers coming to Wildcat summer football camps as a high school defensive lineman. "Coach Mo (Latimore) used to scare me to death. For a high school kid from a little high school (Hillsboro, Kan.), he was pretty intimidating. He was so intense, and it was just a summer camp!" TIME TO GET THOSE TICKETSLess than 3,500 tickets remain for Kansas State's season opener with UCLA on Sept. 4. The game will have a 2:30 p.m. kickoff. TRIVIA ANSWERNike's colors for the K-State uniform are ... no, not purple and gray. That purplish color? It's called "New Orchid." That gray color on the helmets and pants? It's called "Dallas Blue." Now, go impress your Wildcat friends.