"That would mean a lot to me," admitted the Waco, Texas, sophomore. "I was talking to my dad during Christmas break and he just reminded me that I was proving a lot of people wrong. A lot of people didn't think I would ever hit 500 or 600 yards, but I've proven them wrong. Right now I just want to keep getting better and maybe approach 1,200 or 1,500 next year."In fact, a lot of folks didn't expect to see No. 33 on the field at all this year.Hubert won the job and netted 91 yards in the opener against Eastern Kentucky, and two games later had his first true break-out performance with 166 yards and a touchdown at Miami. He later had top games of 126 yards against Missouri and 92 against Kansas to help him to his 933-yard season, or 78-yard per game average."Collin makes it easy on me because of all the attention he gets," admitted Hubert. "He's such a great athlete ... I tip my hat to him."With Klein rushing for 92 yards per game, and Hubert for 78, that 1-2 punch of 170 yards per game ranked only behind the 1-2 threat of Texas A&M with Christine Michael (99.9) and Cyrus Gray (95.0) in the Big 12 this year.If Hubert could reach the 1,000-yard mark, the Klein-Hubert combo would join only Darren Sproles (1,465) and Ell Roberson (1,032) in 2002 as a Wildcat 1-2 punch to reach the figure in the same season.Speaking of the 5-foot-6 Sproles, Hubert ("I'm 5-7 without shoes," he stresses.) said, "He's always been one of my icons. I try to watch him play every Sunday to remind me there's a place for a person my size in the league. We're both very blessed that Coach (Bill) Snyder gave us the opportunity to play. I know Coach Snyder gave me a compliment when he gave me a scholarship."Kansas and Baylor said I could walk on and try to earn a scholarship, but only K-State had faith in me," said Hubert.WHAT MAKES COLLIN GO? Asked who he plays the game of football for, quarterback Collin Klein said, "I'm trying to give back everything God has given to me. I want to honor Him with this ability. No. 2, I'm playing for my family, and my teammates are a part of that family."KLEIN ON THE HOME FRONT: Klein rooms with his brother, Kyle, a wide receiver for the Wildcats, plus starting center B.J. Finney.On living with a campus legend, Kyle says, "It's funny sometimes because I will get an e-mail asking me to get an autograph from him. It's more laughable stuff; nothing serious."Finney says the trio keeps their home relatively clean and said the home personality is without individual leadership."We all do our duties and govern ourselves," said Finney. Laughing, he added, "His (Collin's) football leadership is always there, but he tries to put it to rest at home."Finney said he had no fear of Collin Klein, but that his mom, Kelly Klein, has warned him that "... it's my responsible to keep Collin from getting hurt. She's reminded me of that several times."FOND BOWL MEMORIES: Dimel says his favorite bowl memory was the 1993 Copper Bowl, which was the first under Coach Bill Snyder."We just excelled on both sides of the ball. J.J. Smith ran for 35 yards on the first play, and we just controlled both sides of the ball," said Dimel of K-State's 52-17 victory over Colorado State. "We were so jacked up to play because it was our first bowl game, and then we won it like we did."LAWRY'S BEEF BOWL: Lawry's The Prime Rib hosted its annual Beef Bowl Tuesday night. Lawry's has hosted Cotton Bowl teams since 1983 filling 10,675 hungry football gladiators with 23,275 pounds of prime rib.The team was greeted at the front door by the entire Lawry staff clapping to the K-State Fight Song. Included in the pre-meal ceremonies was the presentation of a white cowboy hat to Bill Snyder.SPEAKING OF ENTERTAINMENT: This might be the biggest day of the week ... at least for the ladies, who will be treated to a shopping tour of the NorthPark Center.For the kids will be Camp Cotton, which will include bounce houses, caricature artists, a magician and balloon man. (Coach Snyder and I might miss that one.)In the evening the Cotton Bowl will host a "Back to The 80's" evening at the Hilton Anatole.Also available is the NBA game featuring the Dallas Mavericks.On a more serious note, it's also media day for the head coaches before both teams go into media shut-down mode on Thursday prior to Friday's 7:32 p.m. kickoff.Whew!  It's an overtime day! Time for a vacation!Hope to see y'all at the Pep Rally on Thursday at Rangers Stadium, which will be accented by a really, really, really special surprise for the Wildcat Nation. The gates to the stadium open at 4 p.m.That's all that can be said for now!Safe travels,Mark