Wildcat Records (Most Likely) Never to be Broken

Lockett caught 12 balls in shattering his own school mark for a single game with 278 yards of receptions, not to mention the three touchdowns against the Sooners. That's 23.1 yards per catch! 
Heck, in the second quarter alone Lockett caught four Jake Waters passes for 177 yards and three scores. 
Jordy who? That's right, Nelson's 214-yard mark against Iowa State in 2007 now ranks only No. 3 in K-State history for receiving yards in a single game. 
Oh, and for the record, dad Kevin Lockett's best game as a Wildcat was 12 catches for 157 yards against Oklahoma in 1996, and, 11 catches for 168 yards against Kansas in 1996. 
And if you were wondering, uncle Aaron Lockett's best game was six catches for 188 yards against Louisiana-Monroe in 1998. 
It was after the Texas game that Longhorn coach Mack Brown said of Tyler Lockett, "Let me say I don't know if it really matters who covers this guy. This guy is for real. I'm telling you, and I've seen good receivers." 
And Jake Waters offered after the OU game, "The other team knows that we want to get the ball to him because he is our big-time playmaker, but somehow he still continues to just get open. It just amazes me how he does that." 
Not to be forgotten were Lockett's 162 yards on five kickoff returns for a 32-yard average and a record-setting all-purpose day of 440 yards. That smashed Darren Sproles' record of 351 yards against Louisiana Lafayette in 2004, and, Brandon Banks' 351-yard effort in 2009 against Oklahoma. 
Sproles rushed for 292 yards, caught a pass for six yards, had a punt return for 25 yards and a kickoff return for 28 yards. Banks had 156 receiving yards and 195 yards in kickoff returns. 
The two-fold accomplishment made yours truly wonder about the existing school records for a single game, single season and career that are the most likely never to be broken. 
While "never" is a long time, here's a Top 10 list for you at home to agree, or argue about, over your turkey dinner. 
-     Martin Gramatica toed a 65-yard field goal in 1998, which still stands today as an all-time NCAA record for a kick without using a tee.
-     Danny Lankas scored 28 tackles against Missouri in 1967.
-     Jaime Mendez latched on to four interceptions against Temple in 1992.
-     James Garcia averaged 60.3 punting yards on four attempts against Texas in 1998. It's a one-game record by nearly eight yards for games with a minimum of four attempts.
-     Fewest K-State rushing yards in a win was -12 vs. Texas Tech in 1996 in the first-ever Big 12 Conference game.
-     K-State's "D" allowed Kansas to gain just 44 yards of total offense in 1998.
-     In 1939, K-State's defense allowed Colorado just one first down in a 20-0 Wildcat victory.
-     It came against Oklahoma State in 1999 that Jonathan Beasley set one-game records by averaging 12.44 yards on 25 passing attempts and 23.9 yards on his 13 completions.
-     Darren Sproles rushed for 292 yards on 38 carries against Louisiana-Lafayette in 2004. That's an average of 7.7 yards per rushing attempt. Considering the opponent, perhaps more amazing was the 43 rushing attempts for 273 yards against Missouri the year before. That's an average of 'only' 6.3 yards per carry.
-     AND, we hope this collection of negative K-State marks will never be topped: Fewest rushing yards in a game with -93 vs. Kentucky in 1970 in a 16-3 loss; OU totaled 829 yards of total offense in 1988 in a 70-24 win; and, fewest K-State passing yards in one game with -3 against Oklahoma State in 1955.
-     Darren Sproles totaled 2,735 yards of all-purpose yardage - rushing, receiving, punt return and kickoff return - in 2003. That's a K-State mark by 648 yards in a single season.
-     Jordy Nelson latched on to 122 passes from Josh Freeman in 2007. That number of catches is 47 more than Darnell McDonald's 75 catches in 1998.
-     The defense of 1998 allowed just three rushing scores in the entire 12-game sesason.
-     Josh Freeman passed 499 times with 316 completions and 3,353 yards in 2007. That's 117 more passing attempts, 90 more completions and 408 more yards than any other K-State quarterback in a single year.
-     AND, we hope these negative K-State marks will never be topped: Fewest rushing touchdowns in a single season with four in 1962; fewest points at 49 in the 10-game 1962 season; and, fewest rushing yard average for a season at 56.3 in 1967.
-     It's been nearly four decades since Gary Spani played for the Wildcats, but his 543 career tackles are 107 more than Brooks Barta scored during his career to rank second on the list.
-     Sproles four-year rushing mark was 4,979 yards... That yardage is 2,129 more than Daniel Thomas' 2,850 career yards, which is No. 2 on the list.
-     David Allen's 1,646 punt return yards are 801 yards more than Aaron Lockett, who ranks second on the list. Allen also had seven punt returns for touchdowns, which is four more than any other K-Stater.
-     Martin Gramatica kicked 54 field goals in a four-year career... Closest to Gramatica is Jamie Rheem with 39.
-     AND, we hope that these negative records will never be broken: 21 consecutive conference losses from 1975-1977; a total of zero touchdowns against Kansas in a seven-year period from 1960-1966. 

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