Wildcats Give Their Thanks

My perfect Thanksgiving meal is... :"...  turkey and dressing with Mary Lawrence's terrific sweet potato casserole." - Currie

"... turkey, stuffing, candy yams, rice ... and the biggest chunk of sweet potato pie you can find." - Martin

"...turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, croissant rolls and several pieces of pumpkin pie!" - Lehning

"... very traditional ... turkey and all the trimmings, including dessert." - Weiberg 

"... turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy." - Snyder  "... topped off with slices of both pumpkin and pecan pie." - Norris  "... anything mom cooks." - Shields

"... includes mom's homemade pie." - Veatch

"... lots of starch, and lots of family and friends." - Fritz  "... baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and berry cobbler." - Knight  "... a pile of turkey (dark meat, please) with as much skin as I can sneak, a mound of mashed potatoes (light on the gravy), homemade rolls (heavy on the strawberry preserves), pumpkin and cinnamon apple pie." - Janssen Thanksgiving traditions:"We like to get a long run in early so we can eat however much we want!" - Currie

"A thanksgiving meal on the road with wherever my team is playing. My parents have followed me across the country to support me, so it has become a tradition. Being with family is the only thing that matters on this holiday." - Lehning

" With my dad being a basketball coach, I grew up going to many basketball tournaments or classics over Thanksgiving weekend. If at home, we invited players who were away from family into our home for Thanksgiving dinner." - Weiberg

"Going out on Black Friday to all the sales." - Norris "Watching 'Elf' with my family." - Shields

"Being with lots of family and friends with nowhere else to go." - Veatch

"Watching football, frying turkeys and harassing my brothers." - Fritz  "As a kid, mom loved the parades on TV. Today, the carving (mauling) of the turkey." - Janssen

Happy Thanksgiving To You All!