Wildcats Win Three Gold Medals at SIRAs

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The Kansas State women’s rowing team saw five boats medal, including three gold medals, on the final day of the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships (SIRAs) on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

K-State also saw its 2V4 win the silver medal and the 1V4 win the bronze medal in the Varsity 4+ final on Sunday. 

“The girls raced really well. In the training outings, you could tell they were getting quicker and quicker and that showed in the finals,” head coach Patrick Sweeney said. “It was great to have nice weather and to have flat water. Overall, it was a really great weekend.”

The Wildcats’ 1N8 opened the day strong, winning the gold medal in the Novice 8+ final with a time of 7:14.84, just under seven seconds faster than second-place finisher Tennessee, whose ‘A’ boat finished with a time of 7:21.46. 

Coxed by Aimee Farrell and rowers Maggie Burg, Taylor De Weese, Kaylin Edwards, Molly Ross, Grace Reilly, Nikole Cain, Samantha Samskey and Raine Andrews, the finish was the boat’s second first-place finish of the weekend as it won its time trial on Saturday, posting a time of 6:18.6 to qualify for Sunday’s final. 

“I think the novice boat really learned a lot this weekend,” Sweeney said of the 1N8 boat. “It was good to see how they stepped up and raced really well.” 

K-State’s 2V8 kept the momentum rolling in the second race of Sunday’s finals. Consisting of coxswain Courtney Faucett and rowers Chelsea Goble, Ashley Houser, Courtney Cooke, Ariana Thompson, Selena Wapelhorst, Jordan Lund, Kennedy Felice and Elaina Grantham, the boat won the team’s second gold medal of the day with a time of 6:56.98. 

In a similar fashion to the 1N8, the 2V8 also recorded a first-place finish in Saturday’s time trial, posting a time of 6:04.0, three seconds ahead of Old Dominions ‘A’ boat, to qualify for the final. 

The Wildcats earned two more medals in the Varsity 4+ final as the 2V4 took the silver medal with a time of 7:53.49, followed by the 1V4, which took the bronze medal with a final time of 7:56.18. Old Dominion won the race with a time of 7:48.03.

Led by coxswain Allie Kleinsmith and rowers Nicole CatlothKelsey Dighans, Emily Stec and Hannah Culbertson, the 2V4 qualified for Sunday’s final with a second-place finish in Saturday’s time trial, posting a time of 6:46.7. 

The 1V4, coxswained by Sam Scott and rowed by Laura ClementJessica Kuhlman, Kelsey Eagleman and Regan Simpson finished in third place during the time trials after posting a time of 6:51.2. Old Dominion won the time trial with a time of 6:41.5. 

In the final race of the day for K-State, the 1V8, consisting of coxswain Meaghan Kuzmich and rowers Marissa Butrum, Noelle Dykmann, Mary Rose Eakes, Kayla Brock, Samantha Bendrick, Courtney Winkley, Erin Roeser and Madi Haney avenged its loss against Old Dominion in San Diego by winning the gold medal in the Varsity 8+ final, beating the Monarchs by just under two seconds with a time of 6:47.94. 

The boat actually placed behind Old Dominion in Saturday’s time trial, finishing in second place with a time of 5:55.6, 10 seconds behind the Old Dominion ‘A’ boat. 

“Over the course of the weekend, the 1V8 really stepped up,” Sweeney said about the team’s top boat. “They raced at a better pace than it has in its previous three races.”

“I think we have a little bit of fixing left to do,” Sweeney noted. “The 1V8 and 2V8 were really solid this weekend. I was really pleased with that. I think in the 4s, we still have some work to do to find a 4 that works.”  

K-State returns to action in two weeks as it travels to Kansas City, Kansas to compete against in-state rivals Kansas in the Dillon’s Sunflower Showdown. 

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Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships (SIRAs)
Melton Hill Lake
Oak Ridge, Tenn.

K-State Results
Women’s Varsity 4+ Time Trial 
1. Old Dominion – 6:41.5; 2. K-State B – 6:46.7; 3. K-State A – 6:51.2; 4. Jacksonville University A – 6:58.4; 5. Rollins Crew A – 6:58.8; 6. Jacksonsville University B – 7:12.5; 7. Dayton A – 7:19.2; 8. University of Tampa A – 7:23.3; 9. Charleston A – 7:55.8

Women’s Varsity 8+ Time Trial
1. Old Dominion A – 5:45.9; 2. K-State A – 5:55.6; 3. Jacksonville University A – 5:58.4; 4. Dayton A – 5:59.2; 5. 6:04.9; 6. Purdue A – 6:07.4; 7. Wichita State A – 6:07.5; 8. Oklahoma City A – 6:11.8; 9. Charleston A – 6:20.00

Women’s JV 8+ Time Trial 
1. K-State A – 6:04.0; 2. Old Dominion A – 6:07.8; 3. Purdue A – 6:15.1; 4. Jacksonville University A – 6:17.7; 5. Old Dominion B – 6:35.2 

Women’s Novice 8+ Time Trial
1. K-State A – 6:18.6; 2. Tennessee A – 6:28.1; 3. Old Dominion A – 6:29.7; 4. Dayton A – 6:42.1

Women’s Varsity 8+ Semifinals B Flight
1. K-State A – 7:05.5; 2. Jacksonville University A – 7:14.2; 3. Purdue A – 7:31.0; 4. Wichita State A – 7:36.4

Women’s Novice 8+ Final
1. K-State A – 7:14.84; 2. Tennessee A – 7:21.46; 3. Old Dominion A – 7:29.79; 4. Dayton A – 7:50.97

Women’s JV 8+ Final
1. K-State A – 6:56.98; 2. Old Dominion A – 7:05.38; 3. Purdue A – 7:16.56; 4. Jacksonville University A – 7:19.85; 5. Old Dominion B – 7:41.37

Women’s Varsity 4+ Final
1. Old Dominion A – 7:48.03; 2. K-State B – 7:53.49; 3. K-State A – 7:56.18; 4. Jacksonville University A – 8:08.75; 5. Rollins Crew A – 8:08.88; 6. Jacksonville University B – 8:26.91

Women’s Varsity 8+ Final
1. K-State A – 6:47.94; 2. Old Dominion A – 6:49.83; 3. Dayton A – 6:56.26; 4. Jacksonville University A – 6:59.18; 5. Purdue A – 7:09.60; 6. Marietta College A – 7:10.97

Coxswain: Kuzmich
Stroke: Butrum
7: Dykmann
6: Eakes
5: Brock
4: Bendrick
3: Winkley
2: Roeser
1: Haney

Coxswain: Faucett
Stroke: Goble
7: Houser
6: Cooke
5: Thompson
4: Wapelhorst
3: Lund
2: Felice
1: Grantham

Coxswain: Scott
Stroke: Clement
3: Kuhlman
2: Eagleman
1: Simpson

Coxswain: Kleinsmith
Stroke: Catloth
3: Dighans
2: Stec
1: Culbertson

Coxswain: Farrell
Stroke: Burg
7: DeWeese
6: Edwards
5: Ross
4: Reilly
3: Cain
2: Samskey
1: Andrews