Women's Basketball Takes Trip to Ft. Riley

Unaware, that is, until yesterday morning where he had the opportunity to see exactly what the partnership meant to both the First Sustainment Brigade and his team.
Up before the sunrise, the Wildcat women's basketball team traveled to Fort Riley in full force ready to work hard and train like its soldier partners.
"I quite frankly was naive to this partnership, and I didn't realize we would have this kind of access," said Mittie after a morning of watching his team train and interact with soldiers.
From pushing Humvees to flipping heavy tires to carrying stretchers to 'safety,' the team split into two groups and competed against each other in the morning's PT (Physical Training) session.
With the objective of the training session to teach the team both teamwork and leadership, the team said it gained just that through the new obstacles it overcame together. 
"That was definitely equivalent to one of our workouts; it was tough," said senior Haley Texada, tired after a new kind of morning work out. "Flipping tires, pushing the trucks around, I've never done that before. You really have to work as a team out here, and it's taught us all a great lesson in leadership."
After the PT session, the team had the opportunity to interact with the First Sustainment Brigade soldiers and learn a few new skills - combative skills.
With mats set out to practice on, the team learned a lesson in self-defense. From basic combative positions to a new way of how to get out of a headlock, the team watched as the soldiers displayed their polished skills.
"I liked seeing the soldiers today - it was an opportunity for them to be in a leadership position," said 1st LT Adrian Armour, the First Sustainment Brigade's community partnership officer who was a key part of setting up yesterday's events. "All the young soldiers, they get to show off what they've learned, and you can see the pride coming out. We forget about that day-to-day just doing our jobs, so when you get to see them showing the combative moves, you just really appreciate all the training we go through."
But the combative skills weren't the only training the team would see.
After the combative training, the team then loaded its bus and headed to the First Sustainment Brigade's indoor shooting simulator to learn a thing or two about the unit's firearms.
"That was fun," laughed sophomore Jess Sheble after taking her turn shooting an M4 rifle. "I loved shooting the guns and it was nice to see what they shoot. It was hard; it's a lot harder than it looked. I couldn't get my eyes right and find the targets. I don't think I hit one!"
Sheble laughed and the sound of simulated gunshots filled the room. A unique experience at a unique place, the team quickly learned a new appreciation for its partners.
"It means so much," Texada said about the partnership. "They support us in everything that we do, and we definitely respect and support them in their decision to make sacrifices for us. We really do appreciate everything they do, and it means a lot."
Overall, both Sheble and Texada said the day taught the team a new outlook on what it means to be a team player.
"I think, overall, we learned that team comradery and leadership, it's a huge thing," said Sheble. "Every day you have to show leadership on the court and be a team, and it takes people to step up and be leaders at certain times. I think people's eyes really opened today about what it means and what it takes to be a leader and see when leaders need to step up. It was really helpful."
With his son at the Naval Academy, the military lifestyle is something Mittie is no stranger to. Having the opportunity for his team to learn more about the First Sustainment Brigade and for his team to learn a lesson or two from it is something Mittie cherishes.
"I was excited when I got here to hear we were partners with Fort Riley," said Mittie. "I grew up in this area and my wife is from Junction City, so we know how important (Fort Riley) is to this area. I was excited to be able to come out here.
"I think this morning went really great," Mittie continued. "Any time we can get out here and do some team-orientated things - you're talking about working with the best of the best. There's nobody who does it better in terms of team cooperation, so for our group to see how that teamwork works is very beneficial."

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