You Asked, They Answered | K-State Football

From questions about the running back position to questions about summer training, here are a few answers from the Wildcat coaches and players.
Question: How does the team compare this summer's gains, without the coaches' direct guidance, to the summer's gains under the leadership in 2012 of Arthur Brown and Collin Klein?
Senior defensive end Ryan Mueller:
"Any time you come across great leadership, you're going to remember it. Are we going to do it the same way Collin and Arthur did? No; they had different leadership roles in how they went about things, but do I believe that we have equal leadership right now. We have five guys who were named team captains and we all have different roles. 
"We have Tyler Lockett, who is Mr. Spiritual, knows religion. If you have questions, go see him. Then B.J. Finney, he's the 45-year-old man, the dad. You go to him for advice. Then Jonathan Truman, he leads by example. Me, I'll probably get in your face and say something. I'm a little more vocal by nature, but I think that leadership combo will have a big effect on a lot of the guys on the team."
Senior wide receiver Curry Sexton: 
"You learn things from everybody you're around, especially those people who have a positive impact on your life. I think those two are two people that really stick out in your mind when you talk about positive leaders. Collin, everybody knows Collin's story. He's your model student-athlete, that's how Collin Klein was.  Arthur, he was more of a leader by example. 
"But I really believe that we have a great group of leaders on this team. We have guys who have been here for multiple years and guys who have been here for only a couple years like Jake Waters, but through this summer we really saw a lot of leadership. That's not just with the captains or the player reps but throughout the program. It's something that was instilled in us since day one. You constantly learn that from people, then when you're called upon to be in the leadership role, you're ready for that duty."
Q: How has the competition been on the offensive line and are there projected starters for each position?
Senior offensive lineman B.J. Finney:
"No position is set in stone right now; it's guys vying for playing time, vying for that starting role. I can't say I'm surprised by anybody. Guys are working hard and they're doing a great job of carrying out their assignments, doing great things, improving each and every day. That's what we're expected to do."
Junior offensive lineman Cody Whitehair: 
"We've had a couple of guys who were seniors and left us, but (junior) Matt Kleinsorge, (senior) Drew Liddle are guys who were kind of etched in our program and have stepped up and done some nice things for us to fill those positions. Luke Hayes, he's also doing a nice job. We look forward to seeing what they can do and really compete hard this season."
Q: Will all the community-college guys be on time to play in the season opener?
Head coach Bill Snyder:
"We have four young guys that are still not here yet. It is my understanding that they should be here and should qualify. They are finishing up academic issues. It is my understanding that all four of them have or will make it. They are not on campus yet. The expectation is that they will be here this week."
Linebacker coach Mike Cox:
"They are just in the process of getting in here right now. They're still finishing up their paperwork, but they should be in here very quickly."
I received many questions regarding the Wildcats' running back competition. While replacing John Hubert is no easy task, the players and coaches seem optimistic on where the group is at so far.
Co-Offensive Coordinator Dana Dimel:
"We really like using more than one back. We'd really rather use more than one. We just had Daniel Thomas and we still did some great things with William Powell. He was a good compliment. It was just John (Hubert) who had the role and we really didn't feel comfortable pulling him out, but we'd rather use more just one to create some more mismatches and use everybody's strengths."
Senior running back DeMarcus Robinson: 
"(The competition) is wide open. We're all out here competing; me, Charles (Jones), Jarvis (Leverett) and the young guys are all competing. We all have something we can bring to the table, and we're all a little bit different."
Freshman running back Dalvin Warmack: 
"The older guys, I thought maybe they were going to come in and maybe not want to show me things, but it's a friendly completion. Everybody is coming out here, giving it their all. I'm a smaller guy, so I have the ability to hide behind lineman, see a crease and go. I make people miss, but (the other running backs) can do almost anything I can do too." 
Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. Hopefully these answers help before the season kicks off in full force! Remember to show up on August 16 at 5 p.m., in Bill Snyder Family Stadium to get your first look at the 2014 K-State Football team for the Academy Sports + Outdoors Fan Appreciation Day