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Ahearn Fund Student-Athlete Performance Table
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium
  • Bill Snyder Family Stadium
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The Ahearn Fund Student-Athlete Performance Table is a dining plan aimed to meet the unique nutritional demands of Kansas State University’s student athletes.

At the Performance Table, they will educate the student athletes about the power of food and provide them with the knowledge and abilities to select quality, nutritious, high-performance meals.

The design of the Performance Table is built around our 3-step meal builder philosophy to help the student athlete navigate and choose the best combinations of food based on their individual needs.

Michelle Sullivan, the Performance Table manager, administers the foodservice operation. With help from the Executive Chef Pedro Lozada, and Sports Nutritionist Scott Trausch, they can help the student-athletes lead a healthy lifestyle while meeting their sports-specific nutritional goals.


Scott Trausch joins the Kansas State Athletic Department as the first full-time sports nutritionist. In his new role, Trausch will oversee the development of all nutritional protocols for all 16 varsity teams, including performance-fueling strategies, team and individual nutrition education, hydration and body composition testing.  Along with Executive Chef Michael Moyes, Trausch will coordinate and plan all meals served to student-athletes in the new Ahearn Fund Performance Table.

Trausch spent the past year and a half as the Coordinator of Football Sports Nutrition at the University of Nebraska, where he worked primarily with the football and baseball teams. Previously, Trausch served as the Interim Head of Football Sports Nutrition, and also served as a strength and conditioning intern and a sports nutrition intern for the Huskers from 2008 to 2012. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and a member of the Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association.

A Nebraska alumnus, Trausch earned degrees in dietetics and nutrition and exercise health science in 2011. Trausch is currently working towards his Registered Dietitian Certification while completing his master’s degree through Eastern Michigan University.


Michelle Sullivan joined the Sodexo team as the Ahearn Fund Student-Athlete Performance Table Manager in late 2013. She graduated from Kansas State University in 2012 with a B.S. in Human Nutrition. While at K-State she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega, Student Dietetics Association, and Bakery Science Club. Michelle has two years experience in food management and is Servsafe certified.

Michelle is responsible for directing the operation of the Performance Table, including production, public relations, and human resources. Michelle works with the Executive Chef and Sports Nutritionist to develop and implement menus and recipes that meet the health and nutrition needs of all Kansas State student-athletes.

If you want to set up team meals, meetings, banquets, recruiting meals, pre-game meals, or just have a question about the Performance Table, contact Michelle Sullivan at michelle.sullivan@sodexo.com


Bill Snyder Family Stadium

  • Food should not be taken out of the dining room!
  • No to-go boxes are to be taken out of the Performance Table unless you have prior authorization from the Sports Nutritionist or Training Table Manager. Never take a to-go box for a boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate or family membe -- this is considered an extra benefit and is against NCAA compliance rules.
  • Prior to your arrival to eat you MUST shower and dress in clean clothes. No hats with bills, ice bags, cleats, or spurs are allowed to be worn while seated in the dining room.
  • Footwear is required.
  • No bags allowed in the Performance Table. You can leave them in the foyer but we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Everyone is required to check in with the cashier on the way into the Performance Table. You will be required to produce a student ID card to be admitted into the Performance Table.
  • During meal hours, the dining room is reserved for people who have checked in with the cashier to eat. Please wait outside the dining area glass walls if you are not eating.
  • Food service personnel and all customers and visitors will be treated with respect. The following are not to be tolerated:
    • Yelling
    • Radios with external speakers
    • Boisterous behavior
    • Profanity
  • No tobacco of any kind is allowed in facility.
  • No cell phones while in line to be served.
  • Please leave your table cleaner than when you found it. Take dishes to the dishwasher, throw away all trash, and push in your chair.
  • Please do not remove dinnerware or food from the Performance Table.

Menu is subject to change based on product availability, seasonal vegetables, student-athlete feedback and analysis by Sports Nutritionist.

Contact Michelle Sullivan michelle.sullivan@sodexo.com if you have any questions about the Ahearn Fund Performance Table.