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Student Services for Intercollegiate Athletics
Welcome to the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics home page for student services and academic support for student-athletes. We are a program in which academic excellence of student-athletes is promoted through a full range of services that includes new student orientation, academic counseling, tutoring, academic skills training, and monitoring of student academic progress.

The Program Mission
The goal and responsibility of the Program is the implementation of services which assist, direct, support and promote student development, academic achievement, academic athletic eligibility, and progress toward graduation. The design of these services and programs will facilitate the student's academic commitment, performance, and responsibility. The services and programs will be congruent with the institution's educational mission and its academic policies and procedures.

Services and Support
The Program of Student Services for Intercollegiate Athletics is dedicated to assisting the athletes to be the best students that they can become, earn the degree of their choice, and graduate. The Program and staff exercise this dedication through the following six services:

  1. Counseling and contact with the student; teaching the student how to be organized for college, achieve academic goals, and plan for graduation and life after college.

  2. Provide expert, competent tutoring services for student-athletes, for any course.

  3. Provide daytime and evening study and tutoring environments which facilitate academic development and success.

  4. Monitor student progress in their academic programs and provide feedback to students on their academic status.

  5. Assist the student in the development of individual class schedules which fit their interests and abilities; promote and facilitate use of academic advising in the student's School, College or major.

  6. Advocate for the student-athlete with the University regarding athletic and academic issues due to participation in intercollegiate athletics.

Program Staff

The Student Services Program is staffed by six full-time academic counselors, including a Life Skills Coordinator, and approximately seventy academic tutors. Each team is assigned an academic counselor who is responsible for contact with designated student athletes, supervision of tutorial services, administration of the team's study sessions and monitoring the student's academic progress. Each counselor works with their students in utilizing program resources, University services, and the academic advising required by their School, College or major department.

You may contact us at:

    Student Services for Intercollegiate Athletics
    Athletic Learning Center
    2201 Kimball Avenue
    Manhattan, KS 66502

    Office Phone: 785-532-5190
    ALC Evening/Study Table Phone: 532-5194
    Hale Evening Study Table Phone: 532-3563
    Office Fax: 785-532-5191

The Program staff includes:

Phil Hughes Associate Director of Athletics for Student Services phughes@ksu.edu
Barb Howe Administrative Assistant emilee@ksu.edu
Roger Johnson Academic Counselor rojo@ksu.edu
Jill Shields Asst. Director for Student Services/Academic Counselor shields@ksu.edu
Liane Fowler Academic Counselor lfowler@ksu.edu
E.K. Franks Coordinator for Special Projects & Student Programs Counselor efranks@ksu.edu
Lindsay Larson Academic Counselor lswl@ksu.edu
Nicole Smith Assistant Counselor - Football nts6815@ksu.edu
Jennifer Sulpizio Graduate Assistant-Women's Basketball & Equestrian jlee1@ksu.edu
Shonda Monaghan Graduate Assistant-Men's Basketball smm7777@ksu.edu
Mary Dewey Publications/Tech Assist medewey@ksu.edu