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Information for Prospective Student-Athletes and
NCAA regulations involving recruits

Recruiting Information

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  • For Prospective Student-Athletes
    Each sport at K-State has its own list of requirements for athletes who wish to be considered for scholarship. If you are interested in being recruited by K-State, please click on the appropriate sport in the box to the right for contact information and further information.

    Mission Statement
    The mission of Kansas State University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is to provide, within the context of available resources, an environment that allows young men and women to compete at the highest levels of athletics and academic excellence as established by the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA.

    Statement of Philosophy
    All of the Department's endeavors should be consistent with the total mission of Kansas State University. The KSU athletics program should be conducted in a manner that exercises fair and equitable treatment of student-athletes and institutional personnel regardless of gender or race. All Department activities should be conducted within the rules, regulations, and policies as established by the University, the Big XII Conference and the NCAA. The Department's decision-making process should consider first the welfare of current and future student-athletes.

    The KSU Athletics Department should consider the commitment to academics to be the number one priority. The Department will provide a learning experience that should include attention to social, moral, emotional, cultural, and vocational growth and development. The Department will strive to emphasize the value of sportsmanship, loyalty, teamwork, and individual accountability.

    The emotional and physical welfare of every student-athlete will be an unchallenged consideration by the Department staff and coaches.

    The KSU Athletics Department will provide an environment that allows the physically talented and gifted to express themselves at their maximum potential.

    What every alumnus and booster of Kansas State University should know...
    As a supporter of K-State, you have a lot of pride in your school. You are proud of KSU's high academic standards, our adherence to values and the overall quality of the K-State experience.

    Kansas State has a long tradition of integrity but to help assure compliance with NCAA and conference rules, please take a few minutes to read this information. The eligibility of Kansas State's student-athletes and reputation of the department and university depend greatly upon your cooperation.

    Key Point
    A "representative" of Kansas State's athletic interests is: an individual who is known (or who should have been known) by a member of K-State's executive or athletics administration to:

      a) have participated in or to be a member of an agency or organization promoting KSU athletics.

      b) have made financial contributions to the athletic department or to an athletic booster organization of K-State.

      c) have been involved otherwise in promoting the institution's athletic program.

      d) bought or received tickets to a K-State athletics event.

    Once an individual is identified as an "athletic representative," the person retains that identity forever.

    Key Rule: NCAA BYLAW 13.01.5
    In Division I, representatives of athletics interest are prohibited from making in-person, on-or-off campus recruiting contacts, written, telephonic communications or e-mail transactions with a prospect or the prospectUs relatives or legal guardians.


    1. A representative of a Division I institution is prohibited from making in-person recruiting contact with a prospect and his or her parents/guardian on or off campus.

      Limited Exception: You may have contact with a prospect regarding permissible pre-enrollment activities such as summer employment, provided the prospect has already signed a National Letter of Intent and K-State is aware that you are making these contacts in regard to employment.

    2. A Division I representative is prohibited from writing or telephoning a prospect and his or her parents or legal guardians.

      Limited Exception: You may have a phone conversation with a prospect only if the prospect initiates the call. Such a call may not be prearranged by a K-State staff member and you are not permitted to have a recruiting conversation, but may exhibit normal civility. You must refer any questions about the University's athletic program to the athletic department.

    3. A representative is prohibited from contacting a prospect's coach, principal, or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect.

      Limited Exception: NCAA rules do not preclude you from viewing a prospect's contest on your own initiative, but you may not contact the prospect, pick up game films or transcripts.

    What can I do?
    If you know of a high school or junior college student-athlete who might want to attend Kansas State, the only permissible activity for a representative is to call the appropriate K-State coach.

    What is an "Extra Benefit?"
    An extra benefit would include provision of any transportation, meals, clothes, entertainment, preferential loan terms, wages not commensurate with duties, or other benefits offered to a prospect or current student-athlete which is unavailable to the general student population.

    What can you do with prospects?

  • DO feel free to attend high school and junior college athletic events. You simply cannot have any contact with the prospective student-athletes or relatives. Should you find yourself seated next to parents of a prospect, DO NOT initiate conversation with the relatives. If conversation is initiated with you, respond in a civil manner, but DO NOT discuss K-StateUs athletic program with them. If they raise questions about athletics, remind them that the NCAA prohibits you from discussing athletics with them. Direct their questions to the athletic department. You MAY discuss the University in general, and its academic programs.
  • DO continue established family relationships with friends and neighbors. Contacts with sons and daughters of those families are permitted as long as they are not made for recruiting purposes and are not prompted by Wildcat coaching staff members. You ARE permitted to play "pick up" games, continue neighborhood picnics or backyard barbecues and engage in your normal activities with prospects and their parents who are family friends.
  • DO feel free to attend a public event (i.e. awards dinner) at which prospects are in attendance. NO attempt should be made to contact or recruit the prospect at these events.

    What can I do for current K-State athletes?

  • DO feel free to invite a student-athlete to your home for an occasional meal, but you must first contact the coach in the sport in which the student-athlete is a participant. Remember, the student-athlete must provide his or her own transportation. You may do this a maximum of one time per school term per athlete.
  • DO feel free to invite a team for dinner or to meet with a group of alumni in a city where they are competing. The NCAA permits student-athletes AS A TEAM to receive special benefits not permitted as individuals. Arrangements for such events must be made in advance with the head coach or appropriate athletic staff member. How can I assist with summer employment?
  • DO pay student-athletes employed by you for work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate for similar services in the community and your business.
  • DO notify the head coaches or the athletic department of job possibilities for student-athletes.

    Other questions and answers:

    Q. May I accompany the coach during a "home" visit with the prospect?
    A. No

    Q. May I drive a prospect to a secondary school's reception in my local area?
    A. No, unless such arrangements are made for all students in attendance.

    Q. May a booster group finance a season-ending banquet? May it purchase any awards for the team?
    A. Yes, provided all funds are expended through the athletic department. Since the NCAA has established a value limit on awards received by student-athletes, it is important to have all awards approved by the athletic department.

    Additional reminders

    1. Please contact the athletic department for NCAA rules interpretations.

    2. Remember that in most cases: CONTACT is prohibited.

    3. If you think it is wrong then it probably is wrong

    4. No question is too dumb to ask.

    5. Questions? 785-532-6910, Ask for Jim Epps, Erick Harper or Brian Lutz.