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Game 1 Wichita State vs Kansas State



May 31, 2013

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Tointon Family Stadium (May 31 – June 3)
Postgame Quotes
Game 1: K-State vs. Wichita State

K-State Head Coach Brad Hill
Opening statement…
“That was kind of ugly. It was not a very pretty game. Neither team wanted to play like that. It just was not a good game. It was ugly, we won and that is the good thing about it. It was a good win and obviously offensively we did a tremendous job of covering ourselves today. Like I said, I do not think that either team wanted be out there that long and play like either team did.”

On scoring nine runs in the first inning…
“Do not get me wrong, I am an offensive guy. I love 20 runs, I just hate giving up 11. We were out there for three and a half hours today. I do not mind it as long as we are hitting and scoring runs, that is a good thing. It was the other side that was not very pretty. Again, give these guys a lot of credit. They did not give away the bats today. It is competitiveness, it is nobody trying to do too much. You saw a pretty good strike zone discipline. You saw guys string their at bats together, which we have done a good job of. Guys will take their walks, line drives and balls up the middle on the ground. That is the way you score a lot of runs, by those guys not trying to do too much individually. No one is trying to do too much individually. After the first inning, we just strung them together and we continued to do what we do.”

Junior Infielder Ross Kivett
On the first inning…
“I butchered a double play ball early. Down 0-2 you do not want to do too much. It was not just my hit, it was everyone’s. I just wanted to get on base and spark the offense after we gave up two in the first.”

On his home runs…
“I doubled my career. I got beat in early and struck out. I wanted to protect that early in the count and get a good swing off. I happened to do so.”

Junior Catcher Blair DeBord
On the collision at the plate…
“He was not trying to be malicious or anything. I just think that he was out by so far. I was up the line and it was a great throw by Tanner (Witt). He (Johnny Coy) got a bad jump. I could not believe that they sent him but they sent him and he was out by a long ways. He was not trying to be malicious. After we got upended and everything, I asked if he was ok and it was not any bad blood or anything. It was just a baseball play and something that happens.”

On if the home plate collision sparked the team…
“I think just the out in general kind of gave us some momentum going into that inning. I think it got the crowd back into it. I think everyone was just shocked about the two runs and we could not throw any strikes. After we got that out it turned the page a little bit.”

Senior Outfielder Tanner Witt
On keeping calm when falling behind…
“It helps when we know that we are going to score. We are going to get hits and score. Levi (MaVorhis) has been good for us all year and happened to give up two runs. He knows that we are going to have his back, get some hits and runs. Ross (Kivett) starts it off and then me and Shane (Conlon). Everyone in the lineup keeps calm and just knows that we are going to get runs.”

Game 1: K-State vs. Wichita State
Postgame Quotes –  Wichita State

Wichita State Head Coach Gene Stephenson
Opening statement…
“That is about as poor as we can pitch, unless we do worse tomorrow. I will say this, we were playing against a very good hitting team. They had no weaknesses in their lineup and we knew that already and we knew that we were going to pitch well and play great defense. A couple things that went on early that kind of concerned me were that they hit the ball into the ground, which is the same kind of turf that we have, but the ball is not going to bounce like that in Wichita. It went straight up into the air and they got two base hits off of that. We had a guy picked off at first base and we threw the ball down low and let the ball get away from us and things just mushroomed and blew up from there, which is characteristic of a good hitting team and of a team that really was not focused today. I was concerned, I did not say it to anybody, but I was concerned about how this team was going to react in the first Regional that they have played in. I was not very pleased with the way we did react. Our pitchers looked nervous to me, and I do not like the way we looked at all.  Hopefully we will be better tomorrow.”

On  K-State’s 9-run first inning…
“It is virtually impossible, that is virtually 20 runs worth. After we gave up the nine-spot in the first inning using two of our really, really good pitchers, we did not go to our bullpen with any strength.  There were a couple of points there where we cut it back to 9-4, and another time 12-6, we were on the verge of getting back in it. But I did not think we were going to score any more than 12 runs, no matter what. We just could not hold them, which is a great credit to them, but that also has to do with poor pitching. So we cannot give them free passes like that, and we cannot hit batters like that and expect to survive.”

On his experience with big-inning games…
“We scored eight in the top of the first in the second game against Missouri State at Missouri State, and it did not seem to bother them because by the top of the fourth inning, they had the lead 9-8. I thought we were going to be able to do some good things, but again, it is going to be difficult against a team like (Kansas State) to have easy innings unless you are pitching really well. I thought that (Cale) Elam was not as sharp as he normally is. To his defense, there were some hits that fell in, and he hit some guys too and he walked a guy, too. (Albert) Minnis was just heaving and was not spotting up well at all, and consequently they did hit a ball hard on him and he walked a couple, too. So it really was a dreadful first inning and we cannot afford to do that again.”

Junior Pitcher Cale Elam
On K-State strengths at the plate…
“I would not say it is just one thing. If anything, they just put the ball in play and you saw that today. A lot of times, they did not crush the ball, they just found holes and we gave them extra outs and that puts a lot more pressure on you whenever that happens. You cannot walk people and you definitely cannot hit people. But they put pressure on us with their plate discipline. They are not one of the top two hitting teams in the nation for no reason. They have an idea, and I think that it was just one of those days. It was a bad baseball day for us.”

On his team’s mindset heading into tomorrow’s game…
“We also lost the first game of our conference tournament, where we did not play very well at all and we were able to come back and win the whole thing, so that is the mindset that we have got to take into the rest of the Regional. That first game is out of the way and there is nothing that we can do about it, so we just need to move onto the next game and that starts tomorrow. “

Senior Infielder Johnny Coy
On his collision with K-State catcher Blair DeBord…
“It was a ball hit to left field and I did not get a very good jump on it, and it was a close play at the plate. (DeBord) was kind of up the line a little bit and I tried to juke him a little bit. I tried to go around him but I ended up going over him. He kind of flipped me up in the air and I was out by a mile, I guess.”