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Postgame Quotes Kansas State vs. Bryant



June 1, 2013

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Tointon Family Stadium (May 31 – June 3)
Postgame Quotes – Kansas State
Game 4: Kansas State vs. Bryant

Kansas State Head Coach Brad Hill
Opening statement…
“I thought it was another tough game again tonight. It was a great pitching matchup. Both guys got settled in after that first inning and it was just a well-pitched ballgame that came down to just a tremendous play that Jared (King) made that swung momentum our way, which we carried right into our offense. We scored some runs right after that inning, which was a huge swing in momentum right there and that was pretty much the game. We got a couple tack-on runs at the end which never hurt either.”

On play at home plate in first inning …
“I just thought that it was a baseball play. The throw took him to the other side of the plate and Blair (DeBord) was just trying to come back and make the tag. That is all that I saw. You are not trying to hurt anyone in that situation; you are just trying to make the out. That is all that happened. It was just a baseball play. It was an aggressive play on both sides and like I said, Blair is just trying to make the tag. I do not think he knows where he hit him, he was just trying to make the tag on him, especially when you are catching the ball away and you are swinging back around, you do not see him, you are just trying to apply the tag.”

On Jared King’s diving catch to end the fifth inning …
“That play was unbelievable. It looked like it was in slow-motion. You could just see him reach and the ball in the glove looked like it was in slow motion. It was just an unbelievable play.  It was a huge one for us because it took the momentum away from them and it was big time for us.”

Junior Outfielder Jared King
On his diving catch…
“Before that pitch, coach (Hill) had me in the other gap and he saw a couple swings from the batter and he made the adjustment the pitch before that for me to shade over to the other side, so that was good on his part to shade me over there. I was just lucky that I caught it, I guess. I just tried to track it as much as I could and I gave my best effort to try to catch it. The catch was a big momentum swing for our team and to be able to tack on those runs in the inning (after the catch) was big time.”

On Bryant starting pitcher Craig Schlitter…
”With a pitcher like that and being as good as he is, we know that roughing him up in the first inning, you knew that he was going to get into his rhythm and settle in a little bit and that is definitely what he did. He mowed us down for a little bit there but we were able to get to him there in the fifth or sixth inning. Joe (Flattery) did a great job of keeping us in the game. He stayed in after he got hit on the ankle and he just showed that he is really tough and that was huge for us to keep the game that close, because he is a good pitcher.”

Junior Infielder Ross Kivett
On K-State’s momentum swing…
”This team is built off going 100 mph at all times and we are well-coached. There might be some things in the fall that make our 90s very hard every time and I hate to say that is how I am trained, but you play the game aggressive and you play the game hard, and sometimes it will pay you back with plays like that. It was a big bunt by (Tanner) Witt and (Shane) Conlon and then (Jared) King had the backbreaker. Big innings can start with hustle plays and we pride ourselves as an offensive team that does the little things and plays hard all of the time.”

On Bryant starting pitcher Craig Schlitter…
”He has a very good arm and we knew we were in for a battle. But like I said yesterday, we pride ourselves in getting after good arms. He had our number there early and Joe (Flattery) did a great job of keeping us in the game and we knew with a little bit of momentum, we knew we could get after him. He retired 11 in a row because he is a really good pitcher and he is good at what he does. We were happy to get to him when we did.”

Postgame Quotes- Bryant
Game 4: Bryant vs. Kansas State

Bryant Head Coach Steve Owens
Opening statement…
“We got a really good start from our pitcher and we were right in the baseball game. We got an inning going and their centerfielder made just a tremendous play. They came back and took advantage of a couple of defensive miscues; an elevated pitch in a two-strikes situation and put an inning together where we gave them five outs. You just cannot do that against a really good offensive team. They put an inning together and that pretty much is the story for how today went.”

On if his decision to pull his pitcher came too early…
“No I do not. I have been watching these guys all year and they have done a great job for us. The third time through the lineup against a really good hitting team, we had another really good guy ready to go who is 9-1, six left handed hitters in a row, so no I do not, I would do it again exactly the same time. It did not work out. We gave them five outs in an inning. Even if the kid hits the double or a single on the two-strike changeup, it is 3-1 and a different ballgame than if we give them five outs. Craig (Schlitter) pitched unbelievable. I think he could have kept going but I did not feel, as the coach, that was the right thing. Our guys respect my decisions and that is how we got here. I feel good that we made the right choice.”

On the momentum swing after Jared King’s catch…
“He made a great play. It was a Sportscenter-type play and he is a great athlete playing centerfield. He closed on it. I thought it was going to fall. It kind of got held up in the wind just a little bit. If it was a little more to the right, the wind would have helped it more. I think where it was hit, it kind of got caught in a crosswind and he was able to close on it in a straight line and make a great play. It is a super play and I think that it is a different game and might still be playing if he does not make that play. That was a big momentum shift and our best hitter was up there and hit it and then I believe their leadoff hitter led off the inning with a ground ball. He is a catalyst and gets things going, and he got the inning going.”

Junior Pitcher Craig Schlitter
On the pitching duel with Joe Flattery…
“I think with this atmosphere and the crowd being so loud, you kind of just have to stay composed. They are going to get a hit every now and then. When the crowd erupts, you just have to stay focused and I think going into later innings I settled in and so did he, but I think they just got to a point where they just out battled.”