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Postgame Quotes



Nov. 12, 2012

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Kansas State Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening statement…
“It is pretty obvious we came ready to play. We started off on a 15-0 run. We were well prepared defensively, we jumped to the ball, clogged the lane up, and we drove to the basket. We were able to get some pressure and they turned the ball over 14 times in the first half and we were able to get some transition out of that. We were able to get some easy baskets and had a 30-point lead at halftime. We came out loose and free and made shots. It was a little disappointing when they came out and won the second half, but I thought we shot a little too quickly in the second half and did not fight as hard on defense. There were some good things; we shot a little better from there. Really, I thought we played hard. The assist-to-turnover was 20-10 and we are shooting for a 2-to-1 ration. If we make a few more shots in the second half it would have been a little better. Was it pretty in the second half? No, but we were up enough where we had a chance to win. Tomorrow night we will see who we play and our goal is obviously to go to New York.”

On Jordan Henriquez…
“He was pretty active, but this was an easier game for them because they had bigger people. Versus North Dakota they had those guys sliding around against him, going around setting ball screens; it was rough for him to keep up with them. This time they might pin down and curl, but they went to the post and he was able to help. When we did put pressure on them, we forced guys to go to the bucket. He gave great help. We always try to tell him he’s not going to block shots on the ball. If it is him guarding against a guy with the ball, we talked to him about being a wall. I hope Adrian Diaz can get to the point to be a consistent shot blocker.”

On the chance to go to New York…
“Obviously for them it is a great opportunity that is why this was scheduled because we have guys from there and we have recruited that area. The chance to play in Madison Square Garden can be special for everybody. I am not sure our guys realize it is the mecca of basketball. Many tremendous games and players have played there, but I also think it is just as important for our team to get there to have the opportunity to play against teams on a national stage. The only way we can do that is win tomorrow night.”

Sophomore Guard Angel Rodriguez

On forcing so many turnovers…
“It is what we do.  We pressure the ball.  We get after people and run them down and we take advantage of the turnovers.”

On his shooting…
“It felt great.  I worked on it all summer so it does not surprise me because I put in the work.  I have the confidence to take good shots.”  

On shooting streak…
“My mentality is to do whatever helps the team if it happens to be to score, I do it.  I try to do it well.  Like coach always says, try to make everyone else happy and if you get a chance to score, score. “

Junior Guard Will Spradling
On forcing so many turnovers…
“We were able to pressure the ball and we did a great job of helping each other out.  They really tried to drive in the middle and there was a couple times I was just sitting in the lane and they drove into me.  Angel was doing the same thing when they forced middle he was there and they had not seen that yet.”

On first half being a good example for K-State…
“It was definitely a defensive based half and that is what we want to do, is be a defensive team first and let offense come to us.  That is what happened in the first half.  In the second half, we took quick shots which made it harder for our defense to set up, and it is always a lot harder in transition.”  

Lamar Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Pat Knight
On returning to Manhattan to play…
“It is good to be back. I was glad we drew them in the preseason because my kids needed to be around this atmosphere. The fans have gotten better every year. This has really become a basketball school, so it is good for my guys to experience this since we won’t be in front of crowds like this in our league. That’s the key to being a small school. It’s like feeding the gladiators to lions, but we have to do it because it makes our guys better. Plus, I got to meet Coach Snyder today at lunch, and that was big for me meeting one of the best coaches of all time. So, I had a pretty good day besides the game.”

On first half performance…
“We were scared the first half. I have eight new guys, and they’re good. K-State is a really good team. They have everything from the perimeter standpoint. I like their size, and the fact that they run those four bigs. I knew it was going to be tough. The thing I was worried about was, were my guys going to compete at least one half. A lot of teams would have just quit after that first half, because they beat us thoroughly. I thought my guys did a good job competing, and that’s a big deal. We did some good things. I have to look at this as a positive because being at a smaller school in this situation, you have to play games like this…sometimes from a money standpoint and other times from a tournament standpoint. That being said, I can’t be negative with my guys.”

On second half performance…
“I was proud of the second half. I do not condone losing, but when we are playing a good team like that, we have to take as many positives as we can, and just try to build from it.”

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