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Postgame Quotes



Nov. 14, 2012

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Head Coach Bruce Weber
On how the defense has played…
“Both games we held them under 40, I think. I thought early we were really hooked in defensively because they had some shot clock violations, they had some tough possessions where we made them earn it, but then what happed was that we started missing some shots. Now you do not have quite the focus, and then obviously down the stretch we did not guard as well. The big thing is that we talked about, we gave them the stat at halftime that we want to shoot uncontested shots and contest all of their shots. It is a simple thing. If you do that it usually ends up in your favor. At halftime they were 7-9 on uncontested shots and 1-13 on contested shots. Obviously, if we get to people it helps. When you play teams like that, it is small ball. They give you a different look, and that is what we are going to face against North Dakota probably, against Lamar, and some of these early games. So it is a good experience. You have to deal with different ball screens, them spreading you out with that small ball, kind of that European model of basketball. Our big guys have to react if they want to play.”

On D.J. Johnson starting the second half…
“I think he did great. It is a good teaching point. I told them at halftime, here is your five starters. They got us going last time, but it is not set. It could change at halftime, and those two deserved it. We have competition. I hope they realize that and that is what our staff is trying to make them realize. They need to be zipped up, hooked up, and ready to go. Otherwise, we have someone else that will take care of business for you.”

On the one thing that he wants the team to change…
“Free throws obviously. Turnovers were better. I would still like to cut them down. We have to deal with ball screens. I think North Dakota might run six ball screens one possession. So just dealing with that, talking, and making sure that we get to the shooters, I think is going to be very important.”

On the thought of redshirting D.J. Johnson…
“He has kind of taken that out of our thought, but D.J. and I talked way back when he first got here. He came in thinking am I going to redshirt. We did not know. We were going to see what happens, and then in Brazil, I think the biggest thing that he has improved in is sealing with his body, and finishing lay-ups not only here, but in practice. Jordan (Henriquez) and Adrian Diaz are pretty long. They have an advantage, so he has had to learn to protect the ball and score. The best thing about him is that he is a happy warrior. He comes in every day and plays hard. He is happy, and likes K-State. He was at the football game last night. In the fourth quarter he was doing the Wabash, and having fun. He came today and played with the same energy. That is what you want out of guys.”

UAH Head Coach Lennie Acuff
Opening statement on game…
“Well, tonight we ran into a buzzsaw. K-State was better in all facets of the game. They out-shot us, out-defended us, and out-hustled us. It doesn’t help that we were 3-33 for three point shots. If shots don’t fall, everything else is hard. I have been coaching a very long time, and that was the best defensive team we have played. I know it’s early and they are going to play great teams, but they had a lot of energy. They were seamless and extremely long around the rim.”

On difficulties of playing from behind…
“We were just dead. Last night we got home at 2am, and we just had no legs today. We spoke before the game, and I could just tell we did not have energy. Like I said, not making shots makes everything hard. Coming into this game, I knew the only way were going to hang with them is if we shot the ball well. Their guys are just faster and stronger at every position, and we had less than 24hrs to rest. I’m not using that as an excuse, but that is just the reality. All we can do from here is keep on keeping on.”

Junior Forward Connor Blasi
On Alabama-Huntsville fans…
“The community is very supportive. We feel bad they traveled 15hrs all the way out here and we played like that, but the support is appreciated. We know they will continue to be there for us throughout the season.”


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