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Postgame Quotes



Dec. 11, 2011

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Kansas State vs. University of North Florida
December 11, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Frank Martin
On coming back…
“We pass the ball. I do not know what we ended up with, but we had 19 turnovers midway through the second half. We were completely disinterested and did not many shots. It is hard to win a game when you do that.”

On their recent play…
“That needs to change or we are never going to be any good. We were interested a month ago, and unfortunately we have been on a bit of a slide here. Even though we won at Virginia Tech and it was a good win, I was not really happy the way we played versus West Virginia. We had 12 second half turnovers, and our ability to run offense and pay attention to detail cost us that game. That has carried over the past two days of practice. We have been sloppy and lethargic. I know you guys probably laugh at me when I talk about practice, but I am all about preparation. The way you prepare is the way you play. I have always heard people talk about, ‘when you turn the lights on I will be ready to go.’ That is complete hog wash. People who are good do their job every day and that is what we built our program on. We have a little immaturity on our team and our leadership has to get better. I have to do a better job of guiding those young kids that are trying to lead."

On how the team is practicing…
“This was not a problem for us all pre-season and going into the first exhibition game, but it has been a continuous problem since we have started regular season games. We have a lot of selfishness. I do not know what it is. They think it is their turn to do their own thing and not what the team needs them to do. I do not know what that is, but it needs to change or we are going to be a very average team. When we were doing it right all through the preseason and into the first exhibition game, we played with tremendous energy. We were fun to coach. Right now we are not fun to coach."

On the foul shooting…
“Usually when you run a good offense, you take good shots, and when you take good shots, they go in most of the time and you get to the foul line. Today, we were pathetic on offense. We somehow decided that we were going to do a better job of playing as a unit. Some guys decided to actually pass Thomas Gipson the ball. If I was his teammate, I would throw the ball to him every time. I am a big fan of him because he is about the right thing."

On Thomas Gipson…
“He is as committed to things as anybody is on the team right now; it is hard for us to play without him right now."

Sophomore Guard Will Spradling
On close home games…
“Today we had them. At the beginning of the game, we jumped on them 12 to two. We just let them right back in it. When we get up like that, we need to just bury teams. Once we get leads, we like to relax and let the teams back in the game. We cannot be doing that especially when the Big 12 comes. We will be the ones getting buried.”

On last three point shot…
“I like shooting the clutch shots. I am not going to back down from shooting a shot just because it is the end of the game. I was not afraid or anything, but I was thinking we just needed one stop. We did not get it. That is something we did not do against West Virginia too. All we needed was that one stop.”

University of North Florida
Head Coach Matthew Driscoll
Opening statement…
“As you can see by the look on our faces, the one thing that we have done since we started our Division I run three years ago is the one thing we do not believe in or buy into, which is moral victories. We came here to win the game, and we should have won the game. I made several errors, and I regret. I should have done differently. This group of guys in three seasons has done something no one else has ever done, which is playing in the championship in their second year. When we come and play these games, we are not coming to get a paycheck and walk away. Last year was obviously a little different, but these guys were the guys that did that last year too. They have grown up, and they have been getting better. I am very proud of the way we compete because that is who we are."

On what could have been bettered…
“I probably should have set a few naked ball screens closer to half-court. I know when playing against Kansas State, because I was in the Big 12, the one thing that is good to do against those guys is to come up with your forwards at or before half-court and kind of knock the guys head off a couple of times just to keep him on his heels. So when they come up, they are always looking. Now when you make a move, it is a little bit easier, and that is one of the things I wish we would have done earlier. When we were up by nine, obviously they (K-State) had to increase the pressure. We should have done a better job of executing at that time. With a crowd like K-State’s that gets excited and gets their energy going, our guys become passive about what they do. A couple of times they get caught up in the passion of the basketball game, and we did some things we had not done to get that lead. We just have to really make sure we are disciplined like we were to get that lead.”

On senior guard Jimmy Williams…
“We had noticed several times with the way they played in earlier games, that we were going to get some things for Jimmy (Williams). He played junior college ball in Kansas, and one thing about Jimmy is he has a gift of athleticism. He has the ability to play so high that allows him to finish a lot better because he is big and strong. I really thought he did a great job when he was playing north and south off of the ball screens. Guys like Jerron Granberry and Parker Smith making threes, help space the floor and gives him (Jimmy Williams) a driving alley.”

Junior Forward Andy Diaz
On playing against his brother Adrian Diaz…
“It was nice being able to play against him and see him. I have not seen him since August. It would have been nice to be able to beat him, but we did not do that.”