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Martin, Rodriguez Talk Texas Tech Game

GO WILDCATS Freshman Angel Rodriguez scored all 13 of his points against Texas A&M in the second half.
Freshman Angel Rodriguez scored all 13 of his points against Texas A&M in the second half.

Feb. 6, 2012

Head Coach Frank Martin
On Texas Tech...
"There are some guys that are playing now that did not play much against us.  They are doing something a little bit different in their offense.  We are going to get a group of guys that fight like heck and Billy (Gillispie) will have them playing the right way.  They fight you and they do not go away.  They are young and I haven't been there.  Having nine first-year guys is a difficult task.  They have made some adjustments on the way they play but nothing major, but the biggest difference pertaining to our game, is that there are some guys who did not play against us, but are starting to play a lot again."

On importance of Big 12 record...
"I do not worry about all of that stuff.  I worry about the next game.  I never liked long distance running as a kid, I learned that if I worried about where the finish line was at, I would get tired halfway through the race.  If I focused on 15 yards in front of me, I usually got to the finish line pretty well.  It is the way we coach.  We coach for today and then try to win the next one.  Once that is taken care of then we worry about whatever is up next.  When we get to the finish line, we will do everything in our power to be strong, so that we can sprint through it.  I use the example of when we were 8-2 after 10 games. We fought hard to finish 10-6."
On a down year for the league...
"I think that it is the other way around.  I have no idea why anyone would think this is a down year for the league.  It is a joke.  I do not look at Bracketology because I believe it is a waste of time but (assistant coach) Matt Figger does.  I am not going to say the school or league, but they have teams that are three games below .500 and are for sure in (the NCAA tournament).  Then they say our league is down.  Go tell Lon Kruger that his team is not good or Bill Self.  We have three teams in the Top 10 and Iowa State and our team is right outside of the Top 25.  Texas has six freshman and look at their non-conference slate; they have some great wins in non-league play.  Because Baylor and Missouri are in the Top 5, our league is not good?  I think they said the same thing when we were ranked No. 3 (last season).  I hear it but I think it is the biggest joke of all-time."

Freshman guard Angel Rodriguez
On his aggressive play...
"Nothing different, just coach giving me the confidence to make plays.  As long as I have the confidence, I know I have the skills.  I just have to do what I have to do to help the team."

On transition from high school to college...
"It was tough at first, it was very tough actually.  Now I feel comfortable, I feel like I have been here for a long time.  I feel that there is no struggle anymore; it just takes getting use to the system.  I try to be consistent everyday in what I do."

On play Texas Tech...
"We just have to play our game and play our defense and execute on offense. The game will take care of itself."

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