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K-State Announces 2011 Recruiting Class

Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder

Feb. 2, 2011

Meet the Class of 2011: Signee Bios and Highlight Videos

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Head football coach Bill Snyder released Kansas State's 2011 recruiting class Wednesday with the announcement of 32 student-athletes who plan on joining or already are a part the Wildcat program.
Kansas State's class of 2011 includes 21 players from the high school ranks, eight junior college players and three four-year transfers. Of the group, 13 are currently enrolled at Kansas State and will participate in spring practice.
"As we've always maintained, it takes one or two years to accurately assess the quality of a recruiting class and the young men who represent it," said Snyder. "Hopefully we have assessed the skills, capabilities and intrinsic values of these young people accurately. As always, time will tell. Part of the value of this class lies in the fact that 13 of these student-athletes either have been or will be in classes and participate in our out-of-season program and spring practice. As it has in past years, hopefully this will greatly enhance the level of Division I experience at a young age. We have been impressed by the desire of each of these young men to become the best person, best student and best athlete possible as they seem committed to work hard. This class represents 10 states with three four-year transfers, eight community college transfers and 21 high school graduates. Those presently in the program have been well received by their teammates and the Kansas State football family and seem to fit in extremely well. Some in this class will begin their careers in community colleges and some will enter Kansas State next January.
We greatly appreciate the coaches, faculty members and administrators throughout the state of Kansas and the United States who have received our coaches and our program so very graciously over these past two years, and I am especially proud of the Kansas State faculty for their assistance in conveying the great support services and equally great education provided by this University."
Overall on the defensive side of the ball, the 2011 class includes eight total defensive linemen, three linebackers and five defensive backs. K-State's offensive recruiting haul also includes three quarterbacks (or players listed as Athletes who have played QB), two running back/fullbacks, four wide receivers, one tight end and four offensive linemen.
Kansas State's class of 2011 also shows how broad and thorough Snyder and his staff were on the recruiting trail as all 32 players hail from 10 different states, plus Washington D.C., including seven from the state of Kansas,  seven from Texas, five from Oklahoma, four from California, three from Georgia, one from the Washington D.C. area, one from Utah and also one each from  Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and New York.

Perhaps no other school in the nation boasts as many recruits with NFL ties as K-State in 2011. Justin Tuggle is the son of long-time NFL linebacker Jessie Tuggle, Glenn Gronkowski currently has three brothers (Dan, Rob and Chris) in the NFL, Ian Seau is the nephew of long-time NFL linebacker Junior Seau, Marquel Bryant is the cousin of NFL wide receiver Dez Bryant and Hunter Davis is the cousin of current NFL receiver Wes Welker. Also, Tyler Lockett is the son of former Wildcat great Kevin Lockett and the nephew of Aaron Lockett, both of whom played in the NFL.

Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes

Overall thoughts on this year's recruiting class...
"Probably the same as the last 20 years, and I truly mean it. You hope that you have done all your homework and you hope you made choices based on capabilities, values and a variety of different things. But you do not know until a couple years down the road. Then you get a good chance to define the quality of the class collectively or the individual themselves. We covered a lot of bases. We got a lot of names so to speak - I think good young people. Overall we did not totally fulfill the needs that we had but the quality of each individual will define that a little bit more clearly as the years pass. We covered a lot of area, with 11 states represented. Twenty-one high school youngsters, three transfer students and eight community college youngsters. There are a lot of people there with a variety of different paths they take to get here. We will see how it plays out. I think we got a little bit quicker but I cannot tell you how they are going to compare."

On quarterback signees Justin Tuggle and Daniel Sams...
"I think there are similarities to what people would refer to as dual-threat type quarterbacks - the type of quarterbacks that we built a foundation with here, being that they can run the ball and throw the football. Height is a little different with Justin being a little taller than Daniel is. Justin also has a little bit more experience being from a community college. They are both good young guys and are eager to be here. I think both will work extremely hard to develop their skills. I guess they are more similar than they are dissimilar."

On the possibility of newcomers seeing playing time their first year...
"I shared this with every young person that I have brought into our program and that is that I encourage every one of them to make the attempt to come in and compete and play immediately, whether you are a transfer student or an incoming freshman. I think there is value in that. When we get close to late August we then sit down to see if they are in a position to play or redshirt. They make that decision; I do not make that decision. What I do not like is for a young person to automatically think that `I am going to redshirt this year,' and then they take a path of such. By that I mean sometimes you are just not into it as much and end up wasting a significant amount of time by not giving it your best effort and not making an attempt to get yourself on the field. Consequently that sets you back each year. I encourage each and every one of them to come in and compete to get on the field. I could not tell whether last year I knew Tre Walker or Ty Zimmerman were going to be as successful on the field as they were and do not now for these guys. The only way to find out is if they prepare themselves beginning right now and then compete at the highest level that they are capable of. Do that, between now and August and then we will find out."

On defensive linemen recruits...
"We did go into the community college for some of those. You just do not know until they are here. They will have to make the transition from a two-year institution to a four-year institution and all those things involved, which in return determine whether you will be successful on the field. I like Vaikalafi Lutui as an individual and I like his toughness. He has a great ability to play the position inside aggressively. How that is going to fit in here? I do not know. I have my hopes but we will just have to wait and see."

On what this class mostly enhanced...
"I think we enhanced our secondary a little bit and we went into the community colleges for secondary help. We will see how that plays out and hopefully it will benefit us. We need some younger offensive linemen and we got a few of those. We did not attempt to recruit anyone at some point in time that would feel the need to have a complete depth chart. We are a long ways from that. We entered into this with 60-some guys on scholarship so we do not have all the numbers we need. So consequently we do not have a full depth chart at certain positions. So, some of the high school youngsters we signed to create a more formidable depth chart."

On the impact of Arthur Brown...
"I think Arthur will be a very fine player. He is a talented young guy with instinct - which to have instinct at the position that he plays is extremely important. He is going to be a good player."

On Bryce Brown...
"Bryce makes us faster. He has good movement and he is growing into a complete back. With all the things you as backs to do, Bryce is making head way into a couple of those areas. He has developed into a blocker and the rest of it he brings to the table."

On having family ties from players past, present and future...
"I like my family so I believe in blood lines. That does not define a player necessarily but it may give a youngster a leg up. For example, Ty Zimmerman's father was not an NFL player but Ty was engulfed in athletics with his father being a high school football coach with a tremendous impact on his son. That carried over for Ty. (Justin) Tuggle's father was long-time NFL player along with (Glenn) Gronkowski, who have pedigree along those lines. There is a certain part of that that rubs off. I cannot tell you that each necessarily has that athletic gene - that remains to be seen - but there is an attitude that you approach along with your love for the game that comes from having that kind of background."

On what impresses him the most about Ian Seau...
"Toughness. There are a lot of things so I do not know what plays over the other. I see him as a tough young guy that likes the game. He will strike a blow so-to-speak. He is an aggressive young player."

On having Tyler Lockett in the program...
"It means that I will get to see Aaron and Kevin (Lockett) more and Mr. and Mrs. Lockett who will be here six out of the seven days a week. He is a good player. I cannot make a comparison between Tyler and the other two. They are all three a different player. He has some characteristics of each but I cannot compare his playing style to the other two."