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Snyder Announces 2013 Recruiting Class

Head coach Bill Snyder

Head coach Bill Snyder

Feb. 6, 2013

Meet the Class of 2013: Signee Bios and Highlight Videos

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Head football coach Bill Snyder released Kansas State's 2013 recruiting class Wednesday with the announcement of 32 student-athletes who plan on joining or already are a part of the Wildcat program.

Kansas State's class of 2013 includes 26 players from the high school ranks and six community-college players. Of the group, nine are currently enrolled at Kansas State and will participate in spring practice.

"As we've always maintained, it takes several years to accurately assess the quality of a recruiting class and the young men who represent it," said Snyder. "Hopefully we have assessed the skills, capabilities and intrinsic values of these young people accurately. As always, time will tell. Part of the value of this class lies in the fact that nine of these student-athletes either have been or will be in classes and participate in our out-of-season program and spring practice. We are impressed by the desire of each of these young men to become the best person, best student and best athlete possible as they seem committed to work hard toward that end.

As always, we greatly appreciate the high school and community college coaches, faculty members and administrators throughout the state of Kansas and the United States who have received our coaches and our program so very graciously, and I am especially proud of the Kansas State faculty for their assistance in conveying the great support services and equally great education provided by this University."

The defensive side of the ball boasts 18 players, including seven linebackers, six defensive linemen and five defensive backs. K-State's offensive recruiting haul also includes three offensive linemen, tight ends and wide receivers as well as a pair of quarterbacks. Also included are a place kicker and long snapper, as well as one player listed as an "athlete" who could play on either side of the ball.

As is the case in past years, Kansas State's class of 2013 also continues to show how broad and thorough Snyder and his staff were on the recruiting trail as 10 different states are represented, including 12 players from the state of Kansas, eight from the state of Texas, three from Iowa, two from the states of Missouri and Nebraska, and one each from the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes:
On the addition of quarterback Jake Waters…
“It is really significant and I think it will certainly enhance Daniel’s (Sams) play. We are hoping that it becomes a very competitive environment and there is no reason, at this point in time, to believe that it will not. The greater the competition you have at any position, whether it is at quarterback or any place else, probably presents better opportunities for young people to improve their performance, They should feel compelled to improve their performance and committed to do so and I think both Daniel and Jake feel that way. It will be a good competition.”

On his recruiting philosophy…
“I think how young people get assessed is probably different at one venue is different than it is at another. How we might assess young people is obviously different than the way other people might asses someone. It kind of depends on what you are looking for. You know we have a strong beliefs in all of those intrinsic values that we talk about in here all of the time and that is a major part of the draw that we bring to the table; it is important to us. I think our coaching staff does a very, very fine job, not that other staffs do not do a very, very fine job of assessing young people, but you like to bring young guys in that are committed to that constant improvement that we talk about all of the time. That give you a chance to grow into a position and I think it is a combination of the fact that we invest more time in studying the young people that we are interested in - others that we are not – more so that anyone does that is not involved in collegiate football. That does not mean that we do not make mistakes, but by the same token, we have a pretty good understanding of what we have and what we want and what we think is important to our program.”

On Kansas Player of the Year Tanner Wood…
“Tanner is one of those guys that can play on both sides of the ball. He can do multiple things. He is a good athlete. He has really fine athletic ability in relation to his size. He will have his pick in regards in where he wants to play. We see him being able to play on both sides of the ball. It kind of depends on where he wants to go.”

On defensive end Jordan Willis’ ability to contribute right away…
“I would not say that he would not have the opportunity to do that but all young people that come in, we talk to them about redshirting. That is a decision that I allow that player to make and I have my reasons for that. We certainly counsel with them but so much of it depends on how you make the transition from high school to a four-year institution and your competitive nature on the field. You should not make that decision right now. You should compete as hard as you can and when we get closer to the season, we can see where you are on the depth chart. He might prefer to be on the field and play as a freshman. If you are numbers three, four, or five on the depth chart, you might realize that playing time might be hard to come by and you might choose to do that. Our staff will counsel with him in regards to where he might fit in still remains to be seen, as it does with all of them.”

On the impact of defensive backs Nate Jackson and Cre Moore…
“We have got some young guys, who are returning, that we are really counting on, but it is important. You have got to continue to have young people come in at those positions. You would like for them to be able to step in and create a competitive environment at that position. Whether they can remains to be seen. We will have to wait until they get here.”

On linebacker Nick Ramirez…
“He possesses reasonable size, room for growth, he has a high level toughness about him and he seemingly has a good grasp on the position that he plays. They tell me he practices hard, I have not seen him practice, but I do know he plays very hard. He is one of those guys that go whistle to whistle.”

On K-State’s philosophy on deferring enrollment…
“I think the main thing behind it is if you have a youngster that you would really like to have in your program and you have either you have not designated a scholarship or if you have commitments that fill that particular position. In other words, we have an allotment of scholarship for each position. So if somebody is out there that you really like that either the pot is full or you are not really taking anybody at that position but we would really like to have him, you think in terms of redshirting him because you can count that as a part of next year’s class. I think it benefits a young person. If it benefits us, that is how. I think we were the first program in the country to do that with Brian Cavanaugh. When you go back to that situation, Brian was here for 5 and a half years and he was the starter for us his last year here. Had he come at a regular time, he never would have been a starter at Kansas State, so it was a great value to him. You also look at the opportunity to get in a full semester, spring practice and then your five-year window starts after that. Then you have five years to play four. If you were a greyshirt who redshirted, you have a year and a half of actual football activity as well as acclamation to the university, before you even start you eligibility. So that is a great asset. I always ask the question ‘Would you be better your first year of college or you fifth year of college?’ and the answer would probably be the latter. So that just gives them that opportunity to get themselves well prepared to get on the field at a young period of time during their eligibility.”