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Postgame Quotes



Jan. 11, 2012

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Kansas State Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
On tonight’s defense…
“I am proud of the overall balance from our basketball team tonight. I thought we did a nice job coming off the bench and giving us quality minutes. I think that over the course of the game it was obvious early in the game that Missouri I thought that Missouri was being effective in the paint. I thought in the second half, and when the first half was winding down, I thought we did a good job of working defensively to make some adjustments. We have a great deal of respect for Christine Flores and obviously BreAnna Brock inside. They both continued to work and pick their spots, and because they are physical you have got to be willing to adjust defensively. I was proud of our post tonight and obviously there was great play on the perimeter tonight and I thought that was consistent all night long. Mariah White stepped up tonight in such a big way all the way across the board. She has had such quality play that she has brought to the floor since Big 12 play started.”

On containing Christine Flores…
“As the game wore on, it became more critical that we limit her touches because the baskets she made and the baskets they went into the half were all in the paint. She is just a handful because she is unrelenting and she has a good feel on how to bury people down low. She stays active enough early in their offense to get touches down low and it was big that instead of being at 22 or 18 touches she ends up 5-for-11. She is good and I think our defense was active enough to limit those touches. I am proud of us for that because that is big and we have to do that. I have a lot of respect for her and the active post game she brings to the floor.”

On Mariah White’s performance…
“Tonight, I think that Mariah had a great feel for the game. She was completely unguarded and I think that she understands and has grown to have a great deal of confidence that the light is green and she can step up and finish plays. Tonight was perfect evidence of that. It takes a great deal of pressure off of our team and quite frankly it has made us all a better basketball team. She has evolved from non-conference in making those kinds of decisions into conference play. That is where our challenging non-conference schedule assisted us.”

Guard Mariah White
On play tonight…
“I feel great, like Coach Patterson said I was surprised that I got those wide open shots. Thanks to my teammates because they kept finding me when they would double Brandy (Brown) down low, she would find me on the opposite wing. I get those same shots in practice so it just carried over tonight into the game.”

On her offensive mindset…
“It was just what the defense was giving me at the time. If I was wide open, I would get a shot. If I was guarded tight then I would try and get to the rim.”

Guard Brittany Chambers
On play tonight…
“Tonight was a prime example of where they had a game plan to double Jalana low and guard me tight. They left Mariah open and she punished them. I think without Mariah punishing them, it would have been a much different game tonight. Their game plan had to go out the window because she played so well. I think that she is one of the players who are so smart and she is always a “look for a teammate” kind of player and tonight she was making the plays for herself. That is huge for our team because it makes us a better basketball team.”

Missouri Quotes
Head Coach Robin Pingeton
On K-State’s defensive effort…
“I think until we start to knock down our perimeter shots we will run in to that. We ran in to that last year a lot— teams packed it in on us and it made it hard on our inside players. It was a physical game. Every chance that they got, they just packed it in. We have to have kids that consistently can knock down shots on the perimeter. That is what we are struggling with right now. Until we are knocking down those shots, it is going to be really tough to get that defense to extend.”

On Mariah White…
“When you look at what she has done her last two years, Kansas State is so good. (Jalana) Childs and (Brittany) Chambers are tremendous players; they get a lot of focus and attention, so you have to roll the dice and play the odds. She stepped up and hit some big shots for them. Obviously, we were not counting on her scoring 25 points.”

On moving on from the loss…
“We just have to roll up our sleeves and go back to work. No one is going to feel sorry for us. We are in the trenches and building a program. Success is a process, and it does not happen overnight. I think that we knew, as a coaching staff, that it was going to be a marathon, not a sprint, especially at this level. At this stage, under the bright lights we are playing against some of the best players and coaches. You do not flip a light switch and all the sudden it arrives. It is a process, and we have to stay true to it. You watch more game film to break down, more individual meetings, and you keep trying to grow and get a better program.”

Senior Forward Christine Flores
On the defensive pressure…
“Their defense was solid. It is going to be hard to spread the defense out, like coach said, when we should have hit shots.”

On guarding against a letdown after the 0-3 start…
“We have to keep pushing through it. We do not make excuses. We are going to keep working hard. It will show.”

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