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Postgame Quotes Kansas State vs. Kansas



Jan. 25, 2014

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement...
"I think the best minutes of that game for us were the last four and a half minutes, in terms of our competitive intensity. I want to thank a great crowd and a great group of Kansas State fans for coming out. I thought it was a classic rivalry game where the fans show up, and it meant the world to me, the staff, and hopefully, the team. It is a disappointing loss anytime you drop one at home in Big 12 play. We did not make the plays that were going to kick us over into victory. I thought that we made some great plays in the last four and a half minutes but Chelsea Gardner, as we knew going in would be a big threat, played a great role in that first half. In the second half I thought the one-on-one penetrations by KU set an aggressive mindset that we did not necessarily match, and I thought that was a big factor in the second half. It kept us on our heels and gave them that confidence that you need on the offensive end."

On the difficulties of stopping KU's Chelsea Gardner...
"I think she is just steady. She finds a way to get you on her back. We were not accountable to the game plan in the first half. Credit her and her teammates for finding ways to get her the ball. I thought we went into halftime and the game was manageable. She went in with 17 and they were hard-earned baskets. She is just a veteran, takes advantage of her opportunities, posts hard, and knows when she has a 15-footer. She just plays with a really good feel for the flow of the game. Whether it is instinctive or experiential, she identifies the weaknesses in her defender and then exploits them. That is a sign of a good experienced player."

On KU playing well with Chelsea Gardner on the bench...
"It was a great opportunity when she went to the bench for us to score inside, which we did not, and I thought that was a factor in the game. They countered. Credit their players for putting the ball on the floor and driving the ball hard. So if you have lost that post presence, you get that penetration game working for you and getting to the foul line, which they did off their penetration game. You have an opportunity, but you have to answer with what their answer is, and we did not do that. I thought that was a big factor competitively in this game was just their ability to get to the foul line and go get layups on one-on-one penetrations. That starts with that individual defender, but it carries over to where your team defense. They just did a great job of answering the fact of Chelsea being on the bench. It was not a one dimensional team that we lined up against. When Gardner went to the bench, they had players that stepped up and took advantage by driving the ball hard and getting to the foul line."

Senior Forward Katya Leick
On coming out faster in the second half...
"I think it showed a fight that we never give up. That gap where we had a little bit of a down fall showed that we are able to pick it back up, but they had a game plan for us. KU is a Big 12 team so they are talented and athletic, but we did not bring what they had set for us, and our expectations for us. That is where we failed. Unfortunately, this is the outcome of it. It is something that will stay bitter, especially for me, for some time."

On handling the ups and downs of the last week...
"For me, I am always going to say that I love my team. No matter what, through the ups and the downs through that roller coaster, and I think that is what gets us back to those ups. We have to take this loss and learn from it. We have to get to the gym and do what we do so that it does not happen again, and improve from where we are right now because clearly we have improvements that we have to make."

Kansas Head Coach & Player Quotes
Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening statement. . .
"Jada [Brown] is not up here, but we talked about it in the locker room how her offensive rebound and rip and drive  - the confidence the young kid played with became contagious, especially if a young kid is doing it because they do not know any different. We certainly had some conversations educating them about the rivalry and how tough this place is to play in. Last time they were here, they beat Iowa State. There was some late game stuff we could clean up and be better at, but I thought we attacked and had an aggressive mentality. When Chelsea [Gardner] got in foul trouble Cece [Harper] stepped up and hit I think hit three of our next five scores and Asia's [Boyd] ripped and drove and had ability to get to the free throw line. We talked about it all year that we are a team that does not have a lot of room for error, but that if we play with discipline and play consistent then there should not be a lot of error. We are also a team that has a lot of moving parts and a lot of kids that need to come in and contribute to play. I thought Markisha [Hawkins] did a great job for us today. She hit big buckets and defensively was really good. Some of the young kids on the perimeter were not as good as they have been for us so it was nice to be able to go to the bench to a senior that played that consistently. We are excited and proud. This has been a really difficult place for us to play and be successful. It is nice to get one on the road when we lost a tough one the other day when we thought we had a chance. We did not finish that one aggressively, but with discipline I thought we did a better job today."

On Harper and Boyd's performances when Gardner was in foul trouble. . .
"We talked with Caelynn [Manning-Allen] in there and I think she has gotten so much better from a defensive standpoint. Offensively, we want to let her rebound or if we drive it and her player slides over then we give her one for a layup. But it is not all on Caelynn. She is going to get to that point. She has been better than she has all year, but I thought we made good decisions to drive it, be aggressive, attack, and let her occupy the big guy on the weak side. Sometimes we put Caelynn in a tough spot. She is going to be there and she is so much more improved, but we made better decisions. We were aggressive but we made better decisions from a disciplined standpoint because I still thought we tried to attack. And then we had opportunities in transition because our defense became our offense and we were able to get out and score layups."

On Chelsea Gardner's first half performace...
"Well we got her around the rim and she got an offensive rebound and then she put it back up. I think her first bucket might have been off an offensive rebound. She hit some tough shots off of drives and face ups that we have tried because she is a really good face up player. At the end of the day though, if we are going to give her a 100 dollar bill to score, we are going to stand her right underneath the rim, which we always should. That is where she is most affective. At the end of the day a majority of her touches need to be around the rim because we have so much confidence in her. They brought some traffic and doubled her a little bit, but I thought she was really disciplined. She did not try to dribble it and she went baseline to score. Obviously we are going to play through her and that is huge for us. When it comes out and we cannot get it in to her, we still need to stay aggressive and not just stand around and look for her. I thought we were much better that way in possessions."

Junior Guard Asia Boyd
On holding off a K-State run in the second half...
"We have just been trying to focus in on getting everybody involved. Chelsea [Gardner] has been in some foul trouble lately so we have been practicing that. I do not know. Today we just had it figured out."

On the second half turnover woes...
"I was not mad. I was just trying to get them to focus a little bit more because we have been in situations like that before and we just need to lock in and know what we have to do in that situation."

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