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K-State vs. Kansas Postgame Quotes



Feb. 2, 2013

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Kansas at Kansas State
K-State Head Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement...
"This game tonight, I felt came down to playmaking on the defense and the offensive end of the floor. KU made more plays. They stepped up and were more accountable. They were more aggressive in key possessions, and they did things that mattered down the stretch as it relates to winning games in the Big 12. Quite frankly, they just made more of those big plays, whether it is making a basket or excluding the fact that they were guarded or not guarded. They stepped up and made more plays on the offensive end of the floor than I felt we did. It is a disappointing loss for this basketball team. I appreciate the crowd and the support that we had, and for all the Kansas State fans that came to support our basketball team. I thought it was a tremendous showing by our fans, but in the end KU just stepped up and quite frankly had more individuals make plays down the stretch than we did."

On keeping Carolyn Davis in check ...
"I do not really think we held her in check at all. She is 50% from the floor and she scored 29 points. That makes me feel like we did not hold her in check at all. We worked at it, but I don't feel either of our post players did a good job. The priority is keeping them from scoring inside, and you look and they scored 48 points on the inside. Defensively, I think we played very poorly relative to the strength they bring to the floor. Davis got her touches.  Any time the post player gets 24 touches, you are not necessarily doing the job on the defensive floor."

On adjusting in the second half...
"I do not think we made any quality adjustments because (Carolyn) Davis continued to get touches. When you look at the stats, the majority of the shots came from the inside. At the end of the game, they needed a three, and we gave up the three. They made plays on the inside, so it is a mystery to me why we did not go to the outside when we had been giving up the inside all night with the game on the line, but that is what we did."

On rebounding in the second half...
You know, we grabbed a few offensive rebounds. We had 20 in the game. It is what you do with those offensive rebounds when you are competing in the second half, and your field goal percentage is about 38. When you finish the game at 26% from the field, and 16% from the 3-point line, it is tough to win even if you are at home or on the road. We were really inadequate on the offensive end of the floor. They made shots, and we did not make shots. They got the ball to their high priority shooters, and they made shots, and we did not when we got the ball in to our scorers. You can rebound until the cows come home, but if you do not do anything with those rebounds it will hurt you. Like I continue to say, the game is won in the last 20 seconds. They have been scoring on the inside all day long, and in the end you give up the only shot that will beat you."

Senior Guard Mariah White
On turning around after this loss...
"Like Coach Patterson said, the game is won between the ears. We just have to be mentally tough, but if we are not trying enough in our heads, that is what we have to do. Come back physically and mentally but mostly mentally."

On challenging on the inside...
"Just to attack the rim and whatever is open, take it. It is not anything at any certain time. We just do what the defense gives us."

Kansas Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Bonnie Henrickson
Opening statement...
"It is a rivalry game. That is what it is supposed to look like right? It does not matter what we did against Iowa State and what they did against Oklahoma State. None of it matters other than how you play. I thought both teams played well. It was a great contest for the fans. I was excited for our guys to get it out in the second overtime. It was big for us to win the opening tip in the second overtime, score and push the lead to four. I think that was our biggest lead of the game. Neither team had a bigger lead than that. Both of us were throwing punches so to speak. The way they battled to get it into the first overtime and the way Angel (Goodrich) shot it to get it in the second overtime. Both teams played their tails off although we both got gased. We tried to take advantage of that, but I am proud of our team to find a way to get some stops and show some toughness."

On the win...
"Every time Carolyn (Davis) shot, she was at the free throw line because we swing the ball through the four. We tried to look low and I just said forget it. I wanted them to rebound, but there was still a lot of traffic. I just said in the second half we would sit them down and let the guards weave. In the second overtime, they went zone so we skipped the ball a little more. I thought our intentions were good. We stuck some free throws in and missed some other free throws late, but it was a big win for us."

On the Kansas/Kansas State rivalry....
"Our guys respect K-State. They have always been successful. It is not a rivalry if we cannot beat somebody. It is not a rivalry if it is not going back and forth. Not like we thought it was, we have not taken our end of it and are able to compete and make it a rivalry as it should be. Not that there was a lot of pressure on us, there was a lot of excitement for the opportunity especially since we already won at home, just to beat them twice in one year. I thought we played intense but we were flat coming out."

Senior Forward Chelsea Gardner
On having a rhythm in overtime...
"Yeah, because Bonnie (Henrickson) told both of us that we needed to sit down, so we sat down and waited for the basketball."

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