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K-State vs. Texas Postgame Quotes



Feb. 13, 2013

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Texas at Kansas State
Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement…
“Just a great team victory for us. We were really excited to be home again since we have very few opportunities here in February. We really appreciate the great crowd. The people that came tonight, we really appreciate them. I thought it was a great night in terms of taking care of the ball, our turnover numbers were manageable, and our assist numbers I thought were on par where we needed them to be. To indicate the type of basketball we want to play, I think those numbers, alone with everyone pitching in and worked hard on the boards tonight unlike the last game and thought that was a big factor as well.”

On coming home and winning easily after a four game losing streak…
“It was just great. What I really appreciate about our team is that I feel like whatever happened the last game, we worked really hard to change that. I felt like we dropped the ball at Iowa State and that was the first time in a couple weeks that we did that. I think for our kids to come back against Texas and how they battled tonight, it was awesome. They had great energy together. In this league, you have to set aside those games although you have to be accountable to what you just did the last game. I thought they had the personality that was established. Working in the Big 12 is all about even when you’re working at 100%, and also when you’re hit with a lot of diversity like we have. I am proud and happy that everyone came to play tonight.”

On team defense…
“I just thought all around after the first twelve minutes, every minute thereafter was just a balloon being deflated emotionally. We did not play well in any phase of the game. Texas thinks we did not necessarily play very well the last game. We did not defend very well and I felt we lost our zest and passion. As the game went on, I thought we were depleted…that is the word I would use. In this game, I felt like our players were very focused. That mental competitiveness that you have to bring to every possession, they did not allow themselves individually or collectively to go to the other place where you are not dialed in. They were very dialed in tonight.”

On getting to the free throw line in the first half…
“I was very, very pleased. We had Bri Craig defending in there. I thought Chantae (Caron) played tremendous tonight on all ends of the floor. It was great that Craig stepped up. She did not know at tipoff that she would be assigned post. We worked on it a little bit at practice. She was probably a little bit surprised early on. I thought she really stepped up and everyone did a great job. Defensively, we felt that was the most effective.”

Junior Forward Chantay Caron
On winning after a losing streak…
“Today was about playing together, boxing out, and playing hard as a team. That is what we did. We came together, and we got a win.”

On being the smaller team…
“It is frustrating because I am smaller and they can dunk. Their arms feel like they are four feet longer than mine, so it is really about just going to find them and keeping them out of there so our guard can get in.”

Senior Guard Brittany Chambers
On winning after losing 4 in a row
“I think that it was a four game losing streak that probably looked worse than it felt for us. Besides the Iowa State game, I felt like we really were building, getting better, and battling hard, playing teams like Oklahoma by 7 or 8 points. We were disappointed we lost, but we were not disappointed by how we were playing, and we felt like we were getting better. I feel like this was just building up to a game, we knew we were going to pick somebody off and just keep working. We were definitely a little upset after Iowa State, but we came out firing and playing hard because of it.”

On guarding inside the lane…
I think it was huge. At Texas we forced a lot. We knew they were big, but we were not smart enough to realize that they were going to clog the lane as much as they did. We took way too many forced shots, and they got a lot of blocks on us. We came in it tonight with the mentality to drive to get someone open and that played huge for us.”

On the keys of game…
“Team effort and swarming. They are bigger than us, and we knew our quickness had to be a huge part of it. Getting in there quick, helping each other, and being aware of where the ball is at all times instead of being on five different islands.”

Texas Coach Quotes
Head Coach Karen Aston

Opening Statement…
“I thought this was probably as lackluster of a performance from our team that I have seen definitely in conference play. I saw this a couple of times in non-conference play. We just played very lackluster and you cannot go into this type of arena, against a Kansas State team on their home court and have a lackluster performance. So credit to them, they showed up and they have continued to show a ton of character with all that they have had go on. We just did not show up and perform today, at all.”

On the adjustment to the four guard line-up…
“We have played it and we actually played it against them the first time we played them. We just did not compete tonight at all. They were a million times more competitive than our team was.”

On guarding Kansas State…
“They made three’s and they shot them the last time. They are the kind of team that they can make a lot of them. They have had games where they have not made a lot. I just did not think that we had the kind of urgency that it takes to guard a team that shoots that kind of three’s. They made a couple adjustments offensively to the fact that we had to switch some screens the last time we played them. Our connection was not good tonight. If you do not communicate against a team like that defensively then they can make you look really stupid. Like they made us look like tonight, credit to them they made shots. They played together and they were good today.”