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Postgame Quotes



Feb. 18, 2012

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Kansas State Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson

 Opening statement...
"I want to start by thanking our fans. I thought that was a tremendous crowd at home and supporting the Play4Kay initiative. That meant a lot to women’s basketball, a lot for the Big 12 and a lot for our program. I want to sincerely thank our fans for showing up to support the Play4Kay initiative and proudly wearing pink. Tonight's game, I think was a great defensive effort by our basketball team. I was extremely pleased with our perimeter defenders stepping up. In our last game against Texas, I thought our posts defended well and we were on our guards a little bit, and tonight they really played locked down. Everybody did a great job on our perimeter defense and we boarded the ball extremely well on the defensive boards and those two elements gave us a chance to pull away and be successful tonight."
On the run to start the second half...
"I think, going in at halftime we understood that when we had played in Austin, we came out and allowed Texas to go on a big, strong run. We have done that a couple times at home here when we have had a lead. We addressed it; we talked about how important it would be for us to come out and be aggressive on the offensive end. I thought our plays defensively gave us some energy. That was a key for us just in terms of us getting better. I do not know how it impacted the game and the big picture, but I know it impacted us in a positive way. It was important for us to take that positive step forward, to not let all of the work all of the work we had done in the first half and stretching that lead to go to waste and to not come out with a passive disposition. I thought that was important and a good step of growth for our team. It has been a while since we have been in attack mode, right from the get-go in those second 20 minutes.”
On the play of Tasha Dickey
"Terrific play and anticipation by Tasha (Dickey).  Again, her and Mariah (White) were so on point defensively tonight, relative to their individual assignments. Tasha, I think, established early on in the game that she was going to be very accountable defensively; her length, just her work ethic was huge. She is playing terrific on the defensive end on the floor. It is carrying over to her decisions offensively. I thought her instincts on getting to the rim, finding gaps, reading next pass scenarios with your teammates, that chemistry connection there, was terrific tonight, and I think she is doing a great job playing with her strengths and taking what the game is giving her in the frame of the system. It was a very mature and competitive game tonight by Tasha."
On rebounding tonight…
"I was really, really excited about the balance we had. Mariah (White) and Brittany (Chambers) were all over the boards tonight. That was really huge. It makes your defense that much more effective when you work so hard the better of 20-25 seconds and a shot goes up, and you limit the opponent’s second shot opportunities. It is absolutely huge. Mariah and Brittany come to mind first and foremost defensively in that rebounding column. On the offensive end, Brandy (Brown) and Jalana (Childs) both were active on the boards. Brandy finds the way on getting you those offensive boards and finds a way to get you those extra possessions, and that is critical especially when you take those threes, because those often lead to run-outs. Brandy stays pretty aggressive on the offensive boards. She was big. We saw more than we were accustomed to from Jalana on the boards, more activity; and if she can continue to take that four rebound average and make it a six or seven rebound average, then that makes us all the better as well. I think there are little things that we are doing individually that are going to make us a better basketball team as we go through this stretch run of February and March."
Junior guard Brittany Chambers
On holding Texas players under their usual points per game ...
"On Fussell, with Ashia (Woods) and Tasha (Dickey), they used their length on her tonight. She got some early baskets, and after that, it was lockdown. They were falling through screens; it is not easy on a player like her because they are looking to screen her all day. They got through every screen and were very accountable like Coach Patterson said. Mariah (White) guarded (Yvonne) Anderson all night and she did a great job as well. Like she said, the accountability was for 40 minutes tonight, instead of the normal 20 or 30. That allowed us to keep their guards under their averages, and when you can keep any team under their averages, then that will give you a chance like we did tonight.”
Senior forward Tasha Dickey
On her scoring…
"Honestly, I put everything to my teammates. They were seeing me when I get open, seeing me when I had the back court, and cutting to the basket and stuff like that and they were just really looking for me tonight and I was able to hit some shots."
On her scoring tonight…
"Honestly, I could not tell you. Every day I just go out and practice hard and during the game, whatever opens up, I just go with it."

Texas Quotes
Head Coach Gail Goestenkors

On K-State's second half run and how they responded offensively...
"Offensively for us, not much. We could not make a basket. I credit K-State's defense; they did a really nice job being real physical with us. We did not handle it with a lot of poise. Offensively, I think they hit two threes in a row, and that was a backbreaker for us."
On if they knew much on Tasha Dickey prior to this season...
"Going into the season, no. We have watched them play enough to appreciate what she brings to the table. We were not expecting her to get quite so hot. That was a big boost for them I thought."
On Texas' run at the middle of the second half...
"I was proud of the run that we made. We got aggressive and did some nice things. Overall, no, I am not pleased with our effort. I think effort shows on the defensive end, and I think it shows on rebounding. Obviously, we got our tails kicked on the boards. Our overall effort, not pleased, not at all."