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Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes



Feb. 22, 2012

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Kansas State Head Coach & Player Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement...
"Tonight was just another greatly competitive Big 12 game. We knew coming into this game that there was a strong chance that it would come down to the final possessions. I was not thinking it would be such a grind-it-out battle for us, in terms of possessions. I feel like if we had been better on the defensive boards, we would have had a little bit of better play in our possessions in the second half. That was a real gap for us; the defensive boards in the second half. I thought that put Oklahoma State in the position of having more control of the basketball game in the second half than we did, so it took a lot of toughness and maturity to make some big shots in the end. Brittany Chamber’s threes in the second half were timely and huge. Mariah White’s threes in the second half were also timely and huge. Jalana (Childs), of course, was an all-league player tonight. She was just unbelievably tremendous in both halves. She did not get as many touches in the second half but continued to compete extremely well and maximized every touch that she got. I thought it was significant that Mariah played terrific defense on (Tiffany) Bias because that is not easy to do. She is really just a tough kid to guard because of the repertoire of skills that she brings to the floor. We had some players that, individually, had to step up big time, which was critical in the second half. Tasha Dickey grabbed a huge defensive rebound late in the game. Brandy (Brown) stepped up her defense in the post, particularly with the mismatch, that was a challenge for us tonight. Brandy did a great job on (Vicky) McIntyre. It was a great victory, it was hard-fought and it was great to see the individuals step up and make plays.”

On K-State’s defensive performance...
"I felt like we really got a lot of shots early that we did not make. At the beginning of the second half, I thought we had some really poor point-to-forward passes or ball-reversal passes, where we just mindlessly threw the next pass.  They got a couple of run-outs on those but you are going to see that in Big 12 basketball. We will watch the film and see when and how screens need to improve and play calling in those situations. They are going to play hard, physical. Tiffany Bias is very quick and did a great job on Brittany when she had to go to the bench in foul trouble; it loosened the game up for us a little bit. She had to go to the bench and we took advantage.”

On the offensive flow of the game…
"I feel like there was probably just one shot in that game, a three-pointer, that we took late in the game around the 1:30 mark that I did not like but other than that,  you cannot hesitate. You have to believe your next shot is a great shot. There is noone that I put on the floor tonight that does not have a green light. You have to continue to put pressure on the defense and believe in your team. If you do, the result is going to be what you saw. Mariah stepped up and hit big shots. Brandy’s shots were huge; those face-up jumpshots that she made were emotionally, at that point in the game, very big. Nothing else was coming easy and Brandy stood up and said, ‘I will do this. I will put the offense on my shoulder for a couple possessions’. We were not a work of art tonight by any stretch of the imagination. I think it was that willingness that each individual had to make plays when we had to have them.  Those two shots that Brandy took, or those shots that Brittany and Mariah hit late, they might have hesitated on in the first half. But in the second half, I think that their confidence level and their nature said that an open shot is a good shot and take it."

Forward Jalana Childs
On her performance tonight…
“There was a lot of pick-and-pop basketball going on. That is not the game I prefer, but if I am open, I will take the shot. I was feeling good tonight and my teammates got me the ball. It got their assist numbers up and that is what I was aiming for. At a point in the first half, I realized that I was the only one who was really scoring. I felt like the ball kept coming to me. The pick-and-pop just kept coming to me; I took the shots and it was good for us and it really kept us in the game.”

Guard Brittany Chambers
On tonight's win…
“I think it is good for our team to find a way to win, besides Jalana, we were hitting nothing in the first half. Somehow, we found a way to stay behind by one at the half, which at that point, it could have been a 10-point deficit. We were not hitting anything but we kept grinding along and kept making baskets and fighting it out in the end. I think that is something that we have improved on. When things are not going well offensively, we still find ways to win. I think that is something that we did not do at the beginning of the year. I look at this game as a positive. Now that we have the win, we need to figure out how to be better next time.”

Guard Mariah White
On K-State’s offensive output…
I thnk like Brittany said, it was the flow of the game at that time. If we would have not taken those shots, it would have made a big difference.”

Oklahoma State Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Jim Littell
Opening statement…
“I am really pleased with the effort of our team. I thought it was one of our better defensive efforts of the year. We made some adjustments on trying to guard (Brittany) Chambers because she lit us up in Stillwater, and now Childs just killed us in the first half and really hurt us on a lot of pick and pop opportunities and she stepped up and hit open shots and that is what a great player, especially a senior player does in this league. I thought she was definitely the difference in the ballgame. I am proud of our team. We are putting a lot of young people out there. I thought we had a great defensive effort. I thought we did a great job of blocking out. We limited them to four offensive boards. Tiff (Tiffany Bias) picked up three fouls in the second half that changed the complexion of the game. She has to be on the floor for us. Do not question her effort on it, but I thought her going to the bench changed the complexion of the game and allowed Chambers to hit two threes in the last eight or nine minutes of the game."

On the defensive effort…
“We kind of schemed defensively that we were going to hedge out and give more help. We had her picked off a lot of screens in Stillwater and Chambers is an excellent shooter.  She kind of played ‘peek-a-boo’ behind some screens and we just made up our mind that we were not going to give her open looks. She hit a couple threes in the last six or seven minutes of the game and good players hit big shots at key times, but we changed what we doing defensively to try to take that away.

Sophomore Guard Tiffany Bias    
On coming back and playing in Kansas…
“It is always a good feeling to come back to Kansas and have your hometown people come up and see you play; just playing in front of a crowd that you used to. It did not turn out as well as I would have liked it to, but it is always a good feeling coming back home.”