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Postgame Quotes



March 30, 2013

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement…
“That was a real exciting win for our team and our program against a very dangerous and high quality Illinois basketball team. They brought a lot of different components to the floor, and we felt like every possession up the floor you were having to be very intelligent. On the offensive end of the floor, they are a very talented team to run offense against. They are very good at what they do. I am extremely pleased with our overall effort, quite frankly on both ends of the floor. We competed very well. It felt good to put a total game together as a basketball team, at a time where anything else would not have got you to this place.”

On how the team played…
“Well again, I think we had great basketball IQ as a team out there today. Illinois presented some unique looks defensively. It really required spacing, ball movement, and getting a feel of everyone working hard to do their job. Today the challenge that presented itself was great ball movement, passing angles, maintaining that sense of purpose relative to what you were seeing defensively and not to panic. Our spacing was great, and our passing decisions were terrific. It was the kind of game that dictated that kind of motion and movement. Our players answered the call.”

On what the win says about the team…
“Well I will say that it was just maturity from our team. It was great composure. It was tremendous to have the fans that we had today. It really elevated our sense of confidence out there. When things did get tough, there was still energy in the gym, and it said a lot for a team that it was the first time that they saw that look. This is not an opponent that we are familiar with, and you basically have a day and a half to prepare. I thought our response to that was good. We did not panic. We made adjustments, stayed strong together and made quality plays. It was terrific to see our team compete with that much intelligence.“

On the defensive effort…
“Early in the game, I thought our perimeter players were really good on support of penetration. Early in the game, we had a good sense of one-on-one defenders. When their guards, early in the game, looked to penetrate, we were able to have great anticipation by the guards that were in support of the ball. I thought Chantay (Caron) was particularly aggressive at anticipating. We just really played with good energy and anticipation on the defensive end, and played as a group of five. Rarely, there were a few possessions where we left people alone, but were really kept those to a minimum today and played great team defense.“

On playing a complete game this year…
“It feels terrific to see our younger players step up to the roles that you hope they would want to assume. Our seniors continue to be rock solid. I do think that today’s game was very unique because Illinois is a great team. They throw a lot of things at you on both ends of the floor. You have to answer to a lot, and today we did that with great maturity. It was all-around tremendous growth, and a complete game from our basketball team because we had to do so many things in response to what Illinois did, and we answered the bell.“

Senior guard Brittnay Chambers
On getting assists when the shot clock was winding down …
“I think Illinois has a really good zone. They were very lengthy, and sometimes it can be intimidating. I think it hit us for a little bit, on that 9-0 stretch you could tell it bothered us, but I think we held our composure and our players kept moving. That is a really big part when someone is in a zone, is to continue to move and not stand still, and that takes a lot of maturity. It seemed like Haley (Texada) handled the zone, and Chantay (Caron) did amazing. Playing against a team, moving and not standing still helped us break through that zone.”

On playing more than two games in postseason…

“It is exciting. I think it is starting to hit us as we get closer. In a tournament, when you win one or two games, you are still really far from the end goal. Now we are at win number four, and it is starting to shine a little bit brighter there. We have to keep our head on for one game at a time still. It feels great not only to win four games in a row but consistently play well for four games in a row. That takes a lot of maturity. I am really proud of our team for stepping on the court, rather it is a two or four day break and bring the same intensity the whole game.”

Junior forward Chantay Caron
On getting assists when the shot clock was winding down…
“We knew that this team was going to be really good. We really had to fight, and today I think all of us, starting with our perimeters on the outside getting steals, and we were able to come down. I was posting up, and just being aggressive because I knew that she was really good. Things were going in to me today, and I was finishing. So I think it was a good look at the end of the shot clock.”

Sophomore guard Haley Texada
On getting assists when the shot clock was winding down
“They were trying to cut us off on the outside and all four players were coming out, that means that somebody else is open, and it was Chantay (Caron). Like she said, her game was on, and we kept throwing it in.”

On how she is feeling this far in the WNIT…
“Your first two games, you feel good but you still feel a ways apart from what you want. This is our fourth game now, and everything is starting to kick in. The excitement and energy is amped up. It is coming natural for all of us, and it feels good to be out there. The best feeling is to play relaxed and play your game. We have an awesome team.”