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Washburn vs. Kansas State Postgame Quotes



Nov. 5, 2012

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K-State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening statement…
“Well, the last exhibition game against a great program and I feel good about the improvements that we saw with our basketball team over the past few games. I believe we did get better and that feels good and that is what tonight was all about, was putting our players on the floor and in game situations that we have worked hard at in practice.”

On coming out strong in the second half…
“It was terrific. The last game we came out sluggish after halftime. I really liked the focus and the intensity that we took the floor with. It was really special to see our younger players like Brianna Craig step up and have an aggressive mentality coming out of the locker room. It was kind of a game changing moment where you felt like we were not going to dink around here in the first few minutes and try to find our way. Assertiveness is something that we will have to learn because the people that we play will certainly bring it to the floor. Defensively, it was about continuing to build intensity on that end of the floor. We did that at a real high level those first five minutes.”

On playing Brittany Chambers when she had three fouls….
“We were going through little segments of lulls. We are so new and young to what we are trying to do offensively and we had a lot of new faces out there and we put her in to bring a little bit more continuity to the floor before we did go into the half. I thought it was important. It was more about me wanting our team to go into halftime with the best chance to get our step back into the offensive end of the floor. We are more athletic than Washburn and against a team like that, we can learn a lot playing with three fouls. There is body control and decisions you have to make and it was one of those learning situations and a teaching situation that presented itself. It was good for her to have to play through that.”

On playing a four-guard lineup…
“With the size issues that we bring to the floor there would be one player where I would frown if she took a three, but if she would make it, I would be like “yeah!” It is early in the season so we do need to be aggressive, but at the same time we are trying to build a flow and a sense of balance but I thought we understood that balance at a higher level tonight than we did a week ago. So that is encouraging.”

On improving on the offensive end…
“We saw little improvements, I think, and there are a lot more to come. Obviously we will continue to put a lot more on our players’ plates, but you have to begin to get comfortable with something. I think they took steps along that line. I am very confident that they are going to continue to be very productive with what we are bringing to the floor.”

Sophomore Guard Ashia Woods
On her performance tonight…
“On the defensive end is where I feel the most comfortable because I have really worked on that in practice. Things were a lot better for this game. Offensively it just flowed a little better. We had a lot more chemistry and things went better.”

Senior Guard Brittany Chambers
On having an undersized team…
“I think that we have a really athletic group of girls who are really quick and instinctive. I think you are going to see more and more of that as we get more comfortable. Newcomers like Brianna Craig have all the potential in the world, once she gets comfortable. It really shows because we start four guards and one forward, who could be a guard at any program in the country. We were trying to do what we do best and that is be quick and move the ball and play defense hard. We need to be doing those kinds of things.”

On feeling good the first five minutes of the second half…
“The first five minutes of both the first and second half kind of felt like that. As we get more into shape, it is so much of a difference from practice to games. Once you start playing in a lot of games, it is just a different feeling on the court. It was great to feel like how we wanted to feel for those first five to 10 minutes. It gives us a lot of hope that if we can play and build off of that, we will have a huge ceiling that we can go to.”

On the newcomers’ contributions...
“I think those first players did well tonight. With the first game, I think they felt the jitters. But tonight they did not. They did what they were supposed to do. They did not try to do too much or too little. Kendra took care of the ball. She took shots when she was open and she did not force anything. I think she felt more comfortable out there with us. It was the same thing with Brianna. She was 4-of-5 from the 3-point line and if she can continue to be that strong force for us, we will be good. The first game out, I think she forced some things, as we all did. This game, she did not force anything. She was smart and she did not play like a freshman tonight, which is what we need out of her.”

Washburn Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Ron McHenry
On offensive troubles…
“I think that we really broke our self up. I do not know how many times we came out of the huddle trying to get to a certain spot in the set and we broke it down every time. It was like clockwork. They got lost in translation. Something is not getting from the bench to the floor. It is a tough game.”

On team chemistry …
“Some of the kids that are coming back, act like they have never been here before. They act like they do not know what is going on in the system. Tiara (George) is fine. I am fine with her game. She is never going to be a vocal leader, but she is leading by example and I have no problem with her. “

Senior Guard Dana Elliott
On the positives and negatives of the game…
“Positives, I really felt like we stayed together. It could have gone a lot worse if we would not have stayed together as a team. Negatives, was kind of our downfall tonight. The positive and negative was playing together. We did not really play together at parts, which gave us like a 14-0 deficit at one point. We really had to regroup at halftime. We did not rebound like a team like we usually do.”