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Kansas State vs. Wichita State Postgame Quotes



Dec. 7, 2011

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Kansas State vs Wichita State

Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening Statement…

“I was pleased with our defensive effort tonight. It ended up being a game where we were obviously able to utilize a lot of our roster and I think the area of growth that we need to continue to bring to the table is that we do interchange and get deeper into our roster; we have got to maintain the production on the offense end of the floor. In the second half, we had an extremely long period of time without a basket and to me that is more about the mental commitment you have got to make to execution. Again, tonight was a good effort on the defensive end but I want to continue to see growth with respect to coming in and out of the game and playing with different combination, if and when we get that opportunity.”

On tonight’s quality of shots…
“We had a lot of good looks at the basket and we were getting a lot of open 3-point looks. Whenever we get 16-25 looks from the 3-point line, I am happy. A lot of our misses in the paint are just shots that we have got to learn how to finish.”

On the pace of tonight’s game…
“It was a little iffy. I did not feel as though we really came out with a sustained punch at the beginning of the game. I thought we were both trying to feel each other out a little bit. Again, we got good looks but that are shots that we have to finish but we eventually pulled away. The tempo of the game tonight, until late in the second half, seemed pretty slow; especially in regards to what we faced against Iowa. I think we got a little passive at times when we needed to be aggressive.”

On tonight’s rebounding battles…
“I thought in the second half, there was a lot of offensive rebounds that we missed out on because we too deep under the rim. We went nine minutes with our second group and I thought that we did not rebound well at all. I just think it is about positioning and about the discipline of making it a priority. Many times tonight, we got lulled into standing and reacting late. I want to see a higher percentage of makes around the rim than we got tonight.”

On playing multiple players tonight…
“I feel like we are improving; we are getting good looks. As the season moves on, I feel like we are getting more consistent there. A lot of the tempo tonight was because I played a lot of people. I do feel very confident about seven or eight of us being able to contribute when we are focused, in rhythm and playing a rotation that is friendly to that. We looked to get some of our younger players some minutes tonight and I think was a factor with the game’s rhythm.”
On Brittany Chambers scoring 1,000 career points…
“She is a tremendous scorer and that is what is neat about her; we have had some pure shooters here and Brittany as hit some astounding threes, but even as she makes those threes, I think of her more as a scorer. It is fun to see someone get 1, 000 points as a scorer, not just as a pure shooter. Some of them have been circus-shots from 23 or 24 feet, some of them have been off beautiful screens, some of them have been off of layups, and some of them have been off of 3-point plays. It is her versatility that has enabled her to reach this stature at this point in her career. As she has alluded to, she has had some great teammates and so many things have to be in place to for a player to achieve 1,000 points early in their junior season.”

Kansas State Player Quotes

Junior Guard Brittany Chambers
On the last shot making it her 1,000 point…
“It is a great honor, and it is something I am glad is over with. Not that I really knew but it is over. I attribute that to my teammates like Brandy (Brown), Mariah (White) and Jalana (Childs). It is great to play with them, and it has been amazing. They really get me open and set me up for a lot of shots that I would not have made without them.”   

Challenges while playing on the road…
“Playing on the road anywhere is a huge challenge you have to be mentally tough, and I think our team does have the experience. I think our team has enough toughness to do it, but a lot of our senior and junior leaders need to step it up. I am not worried because I believe there are some great teams and great challenges. I believe our team can definitely do well.”

Wichita State Quotes
Head Coach Jody Adams

Biggest problem on the night…

“We shot zero percent in the paint which is a blocked shot for us. We got to the free-throw line and shot 52 percent and we are not going to win ball games like that. We did our goal holding them to 60 points when they do not average more than 59, so defensively I thought we did some great things.”

On playing a Big 12 team…
“It is no different than playing LSU, Arizona or UC Davis. These programs have been established for years. We are still a program still trying to grow in its fourth year. Until our leaders are established and our leaders step up and give great examples like Chynna Turner did tonight, who had a double-double in 25 minutes, you are going to see these peeks and valleys.”

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