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Post Match Quotes



Feb. 1, 2014


Kansas State Head Coach & Player Quotes

Head Coach Steve Bietau
On the overall weekend...
"I thought it went pretty well. We weren't very happy with the start we got yesterday and our doubles play overall so we made some changes there. We played well [today] at the start and that always helps, particularly at number one doubles where we moved Amina [St. Hill] for the first time. I thought she really stepped up in a big way and played a very solid match for us to get things going on the right foot."

On the team's progression from day-to-day...
"With the number of matches we are playing, we really stress the importance of learning something from each one. I think they have done a pretty good job of doing that. This is our second weekend in a row where we have had two dual matches. This group is pretty young and inexperienced and they do some goofy things from time to time, but they are conscientious  and they do work hard. I think today marks a pretty positive step for them."

On competing at home...
"It is nice not to travel. It was especially nice getting back from Atlanta before all that stuff hit down there this week, but yeah it is good to be here. We are looking forward to getting out to our outdoor facility and playing outdoors in better weather and in front of our fans. It is a lot of fun to play here."

On his thoughts of the team's play so far...
"Yeah, I am happy when we win a match but I am a lot happier when we play well doing it. For a good part of the match yesterday we did not do that. Part of that is just do to inexperience. We have players that pretty committed to being good players, but do not always know what to do - how to handle themselves and how to work through different situations. That is what we are focusing on. I think that this was a good step for us."

Sophomore Amina St. Hill
On today's match against Liberty...
"I was really proud of our team today. I thought we played pretty well. The fact that everyone won their singles matches and we improved in doubles, I think this was a step in the right direction."

On the team's progression from day-to-day...
"I think the fact that you play so many matches during the season, it helps a lot that you know you have a new chance to do better every week. You do not have to look back and you can always look forward. That is the positive thing during the season because during the offseason it may be a whole month before you play your next match."

On the season's outlook...
"I think we can have a really good season, at least from how we are playing so far. We are working really hard and we are trying to improve every day."

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