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Postgame Quotes



Aug. 25, 2012

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On  how the game went…
“When you get into these tournament types of situations, with three matches in two days, there is a bit of a sense that you are trying to get through. I think we felt a little bit of that today. We did some things really well. I like the way that we are serving, I think we are putting a lot of serving pressure on, serving it where we want it to go. Serving with pace and placement can be a difficult thing to do. I really like that. I did not think our rhythm was quite as good as it was last night, but we still accomplished what we set out to do in regards to passing, transition attack and serving. Those were our three hot spots going into the match. We met all of our objectives there.”

On Oakland’s defense…
“They are a good team. They play really hard on defense, and play pretty fast. They created problems for us, which I really like this time of year. We want to be able to have to make adjustments and see some different things. I felt like they really played well and put some pressure on us in different areas. We had to play well to win.”

On Gina Madonia…
“She is a very capable defender. She has tremendous speed, maybe one of the fastest players on the team. When she uses her speed, she is able to make plays and run down balls. That is her strength.”

On Tristan McCarty playing libero …
“It is early on in the season. We feel like she has statistically put up the numbers to play that position once in a while. It is certainly not anything that Kuulei (Kabalis) is not doing, it is more of what Tristan is. We just wanted to give her an opportunity to play six rotations. The libero gets to play more than the specialists get to play since they only get to play three rotations. We felt like she earned the opportunity. It is a priority for us to try and create depth at all positions, especially in the preseason. “

Junior middle blocker  Kaitlynn Pelger
On getting contributions from everyone…
“I think we came out and were ready to go. Maybe a slower start because it is mid-day and we are not used to playing a match at that time. We did what we do best, we work hard and stayed together and that is what we did the whole match.”

On going up against Oakland…
“They are really scrappy. They did great back there. They frustrate people, they frustrated us. We just have to be a little bit smarter. We have to be able to see, and mix it up. They scrapped and played really well.”

Sophomore defensive specialist Gina Madonia
On the game…
“I thought we came together, and it was a really good start to the day.”

On how she played…
“It was pretty exciting. I have to thank my blockers for giving good touches. I just go back there with a lot of confidence this year. I try to dig and get the ball in better situations for my hitters.”

On being comfortable on the team…
“I am more confident this year and more comfortable. I have a year under my belt, and I have developed relationships with the other passers, as well as the front row and back row. We have really developed together this past year.”

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