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Sept. 6, 2013 - Southern Illinois vs. K-State Post-Match Quotes



Sep 6, 2013

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Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On her thoughts on tonight’s win…

“Right now wins are wins. We take them however we can get them. I thought we played extremely well in the areas that we focused on. We hit well over .400 as a team which is really something. I thought our passing was solid. I thought our transition offense was good. Our focus going into the match was to get our first swing offense up to speed and try to produce some productive transition offense. We accomplished both of those things along with being both really effective both serving and passing. Also we didn’t give away a lot of points, we didn’t hit the ball out of bounds, we didn’t miss serves, and we didn’t make receiving errors. We didn’t commit things that can really inhibit our ability to gain momentum.”

On what she thought was the biggest improvement from the first game to the current game…

“Not making a lot of errors, and especially transition offense in combination with first swing offense. That was probably our best effort in terms of being able to put an offensive effort together in both transition and first swing.”

On Dakota Kaufman’s performance tonight…

“I thought she was good, she has been good. She is tremendously athletic, and I thought her attacking range was as good as I’ve seen it in terms to using all of the floor and being creative with her swings.”


Senior Outside Hitter Lilla Porubek

On how the team played today…

“I think we had a lot of fun and that was a good thing. We put together great offense and defense, and we were working on that lately. So that is a really big improvement, and we were excited about it. We were working together the best in this game so far this season. We all had fun.”

On Katie Brand’s play…

“Katie, she is amazing. She is unpredictable and will just throw some of those dumps, and she is right there too. The good thing about that was that the block was shifted to her so it would open up spots for us hitters more.”


Freshman Setter Katie Brand

On the play of the two games…

“I thought this morning we had a great run on defense. We really put that together, and then our focus tonight was really to pick up our offense and see what we could do there. We had an amazing offensive night, so I think we really did what we wanted to do on our first day out.”

On only having six errors…

“We were talking about it afterwards. We served 97% in, and our goal is 93%. We really hit our goal there, and went above and beyond actually. Our hitters all hit above, I think .330, so that is lights out. That is amazing. We really managed well in bad situations.”

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