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Sept. 7, 2013 - Siena vs. Kansas State Post-Match Quotes



Sep 7, 2013

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Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On offense in the tournament…

“I think our best effort was last night just in our combination of first-swing offense, transition-offense, and free-ball offense.  That was our most productive effort across the board.  Today against Siena we were pretty good in transition offense.  Our first-swing offense was not where we needed it to be today.”

On Katie Brand’s performance so far this season

“She gets better with every opportunity. She gets smarter, makes better decisions, and she puts our hitters in better positions.”

On the heat in Ahearn Field House…

“We fatigue a little better faster, and some days we cannot train as hard.  There are some competitive advantages with the heat because we are used to practicing in it and other teams are not.”

On the energy level after today’s win…

“There is an element of expectation, the energy is good.  I think the team feels good about the course they are on.  It’s about more than wins. It is about improvement and playing well in the preseason.  I like where we are at but I also think we have some room to grow before Big 12 play.”


Senior Outside Hitter Dakota Kaufman

On sweeping each match this weekend …

“It felt really good because in the last tournament that we played in, every match went to five games, so we wanted to try to sweep everyone because it is really, really hot in Ahearn. One of our goals was to play the best that we can and if we got them in three, then so be it. We just wanted to play very consistent throughout the tournament.”

On the team’s ability to block and serve…

“Two of the biggest things that we pride ourselves in is blocking and serving. Those are the things that we always want to be consistent in because we know that we are really, really great at those things.


Freshman Setter Katie Brand

On being named tournament MVP…

“I would say that a huge part of my success at my first home tournament was everyone who was playing behind me. I had huge support from my coaches and especially my teammates, and the crowd was amazing. They provide a lot of energy and I think we were just so pumped to play here that we really put it together.”

On what the team did well this weekend…

“Our strengths varied from game to game. Yesterday, our biggest strength was our offense. Throughout the tournament, our biggest strength was our transition offense. We had to pull from different areas every time; we do not have a main strength or a main weakness, but throughout the tournament, we put it together for the most part.”