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Postgame Quotes



Sept. 22, 2012

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On how the game went…
“I think we found our serving a back. We think it needs to be an identity for our team, and we felt like we served very well. We forced them to not be able to get their quick hitters involved as well as I think they wanted to. I felt like that was positive. We were able to get a lot of folks in and out of the match. We do that because they earn opportunities. They are battling every day in the environment that we have in our practices that are very competitive. I felt that as people were being rotated in and out of the match, there were not any significant drop offs, which is what we are looking for. We want to maintain a level of play no matter who is in the match. I thought that we did a nice job of that.”

On the execution…
“We worked on it a little bit. We regrouped. Offensively we just need to be who we are. We are not somebody who runs all over the place on offense. We run a relatively basic offense, and try to run it on a high level. We wanted to get back to being who we are offensively, and I thought that is what we did. When we pass well, we can sideout very well. When our passing breaks down, that is where I think we need to see a bigger amount of growth. We have to better the ball. We have to be good when it is bad, and that is a really hard thing to do.”

Senior Setter Caitlyn Donahue
On how the game went…
“I think we did exactly what we wanted to do. We had some goals before the match to win the serve and pass battle, be ourselves and celebrate greatness. I think we did all three of those things. I am really excited about the opportunity to get a lot of our players in. We have a lot of depth. We had a lot of girls come in and play for us. I am really happy that they got in this evening.”

On importance of execution…
“I think it was important to come back and focus on exactly what we wanted to get done. At Oklahoma we did set goals like we always do, we just did not execute them to the best of our abilities. It was really important for us to come back and rebound, and focus back on what we need to do on our side of the court.”

On what the focus of practice was this week…
“Just focusing on details. We were out of system a lot at OU. That is what we wanted to work on was on when we were out of system here in the gym, what we can do to make it better, and to fight back and win that specific point. That is what we worked on this week in practice, and I just think that when we were out of system today, which was not a lot, but when we were we did exactly what we wanted to do.”