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Postgame Quotes



Sept. 27, 2012

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On the dominating start…
“I thought a couple things.  We served extremely well, which we wanted to get back to a little bit and have that be an identity of our team that we can put a lot of pressure from the service line.  We were a little bit high error trying to do it.  I thought we had some uncharacteristic misses but I liked the aggressiveness.  Then, we were doing a tremendous job of touching and turning balls into transition, which we take a high priority on.  You can’t block all the balls.  It’s just not possible. A good hitter will beat a good blocker every time, but we did a nice job of just putting our hands nice and still and strong over the net, getting a touch or a deflection kicked up; and then we did a nice job of managing that ball and turning it the first time or two in transition, which is a priority we’ve been working on.  So I was glad to see that evolve in the match.”

On Kaitlynn Pelger’s 1000th kill…
“I think it says she’s pretty good and getting better.  The thing I was most excited about tonight is something that no one really pays attention to and that was her passing.  She got aced the first ball of the game and she came back and passed terrific the entire rest of the match.  She has been a little frustrated with her passing.  She wears a little bit of a target back there because of all the things she does.  People are going to serve a lot of balls at her.  They are going to make her have to pass, hit and play defense and try to wear her down a little bit.  I thought she handled it great.  They served a lot of balls at her, but she passed terrific. She’s going to kill a lot balls for us.  That’s just the way it is.  She and (Caitlyn) Donahue have a nice connection, which I think allows her to do that.  Part of that is Donahue feeding the bear, as we call it.  I think she’s a good player.”

On the impact of Caitlyn Donahue’s setting…
“I was very pleased with her balance.  She did a nice job of getting Dakota Kaufman involved.  She did a nice job of getting Chelsea Keating some balls.  She did a nice job of getting Taylor Johnson and Alex Muff involved.  We need a little more balance in our offense.  She’s very comfortable with Lilla Porubek and Kaitlynn Pelger but we need to get some of those other attackers in a better rhythm and she did a nice job of getting other people involved.”

On tonight’s atmosphere…
“I thought it was special.  I thought it was loud and I thought the students were really engaged in the match.  All I know is volume and I thought they were tremendous.  We’re going to have to bring back 70’s night because that was nice.  Our students are awesome.  They are supporting us like crazy.  They love us and we love them back.  We are so thankful and appreciative of all that they do for us and the support that they give us, not just in volleyball but for all the sports.  I just love it that they love their volleyball team.”

Junior Middle Blocker Kaitlynn Pelger
On the dominating start…
“We came out and it kind of felt like the very first match of our season against UC Irvine.  We kind of came out and put everything out there.  We maxed out and it was awesome.”

On her 1000th kill…
“It’s pretty awesome.  Donahue and I have a great connection and she gives me so many opportunities.  It’s a great accomplishment.”

On the first set…
“All week we worked on out of system and a few times we were out of system, and we killed those balls.  In previous matches we haven’t, so we upgraded in that area, and that’s what we worked on this week.  We were super excited.”

On the atmosphere…
“Yeah, we were just talking about how amazing our fans are, just how well they bring energy.  It kind of makes the other team feel a little nervous because they are so loud and in their face.  We feed off of them.  We are so thankful for them and excited for what’s to come.”

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