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Postgame Quotes



Oct. 20, 2012

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Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On consistency during the match …
“We played really well in the first couple. I thought we were a little flat. I did not really like our culture, if you will. Even from the beginning we were finding ways to score points even though it wasn’t coming very easily. Then, I made some personnel changes in the third, in hopes that we could get some people some playing time. I think we lost our rhythm and it took us a while to get it back. I take some responsibility for that. We were up 2-0 and we were playing good enough. I felt we could do some things. It is disruptive when you do that. The people that were put in the match were the people that were given opportunities to give it a go. It is not to the fault of the new people that were in, it is just different. Different is not always good, but we adjusted to it as we went. Game 3 got away from us, but we did almost win every other game and we won when it mattered.”

On their “culture” …
“I did not think we were coming together. I did not think we looked loose. This team plays really well when they are having fun. It is a lot of work, what we do is a lot of work. You get to mid-October and we are grinding it out pretty well. You forget sometimes that volleyball is supposed to be fun. I did not feel as though we were as loose and we were not communicating as well and coming together as much as I would have liked. ”

On coming back in the 5th set …
“It was just streaks of points. We would get a couple and then make an unforced error or we were not handling things we routinely need to. Some of it was self-inflicted. Once we settled down a little bit we were fine.”

Senior Setter Caitlyn Donahue
On winning the match …
“I am excited that we pulled off the win. Any win in the Big 12 is huge and especially coming off a loss on Wednesday, we are really excited to get back on a winning streak, I hope. It was nice, we were able to get a lot of people in and I had a lot of confidence in my team that we would really just get it done.”

On what happened in the 3rd and 4th set …
“I am not really sure, I think they just put a lot of pressure on us. They had players in that we had not seen a lot and we did not have the opportunity to watch them on film, so we were not quite sure what they were going to do. I think maybe it was us trying to figure out what those new players were going to be doing for them. They put some pressure on us and I do not know if we responded as well as we could have. ”

Senior Middle Blocker Alex Muff
On  getting back in the game …
“I think that sometimes that happens and we have got to find a way to get ourselves out of the hole we were in. When you give a young team like that confidence, they are going to come and fight against you; and we did a pretty good job responding to that and we had a lot of people playing today. I thought that was good to get more people in the game and give them experience. I think we are just happy with the win and any win in the Big 12, I think, is a good win”

On her performance …
“I thought that Caitlyn Donohue set me tremendously today and we had really good rhythm. I think that is something that helps me a lot. They are a decent volleyball team and I think being able to connect with your setter is a huge key to being able to hit well and I am finally starting to get that with Caitlyn.”