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Nov. 20, 2013 - Baylor vs. K-State Post-Match Quotes



Nov. 20, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Baylor vs. K-State

Post-Match Quotes


Head Coach Suzie Fritz

On play in the first set. . .

“I like the way we are playing. We did not feel like we played poorly at Kansas. We actually played quite well for the first two games. We have been talking a lot about consistency, trying to put consistent stretches together, and we were good in a lot of areas tonight. I thought our serving and passing was pretty tight. I thought Katie Brand had a nice match in terms of locating and giving the hitters stuff to take a look at. She was very good at the net blocking. Our goal is to try keep them on task and to prepare them for what we think is going happen most often. I felt like we were very on task with what Baylor wanted to do, therefore we were able to create some points at the net, make some defensive plays, and turn some balls and transition. I thought we played very well in multiple areas and both sides of the ball.”

On maintaining control in each set. . .

“We are trying to recover some momentum. We felt like we were in control for a good portion of the match. For game three, I would have like to have seen us keep the pedal down a little bit more. I felt like we relaxed a little bit and got a little too comfortable. That is something that I think we need to continue to work on. It is nice that we can get in that position that you can play well enough that you have a significant enough lead that allows you to do that. We just have to figure out how to manage it in a better way.”

On play of Kaitlynn Pelger. . .

“That was by far her defensive effort. There was a lot that went into that, her serving and her digging, but when we talk about being on task, she was very good at the net. She stayed in a good read position and she was working very hard to close. That is something that she has been working on. Blocking has not always been her strength. It is something that she really has to spend some time on. She is always an offensive presence, but when she can do that on both sides of the ball, that is something special.”


Senior Middle Blocker Kaitlynn Pelger

On the mindset coming into the game. . .

“It is super important to play the best volleyball that you can in the second half of the season going into postseason. We are trying to get as many wins towards the end to fight our way into the NCAA tournament. It is a great way to start off trying to get another win. We came in and had a great practice on Monday and Tuesday. Our mindset was just that we have nothing to lose right now, so just to play our hearts out and play hard.”

On the defensive aspect in the 2nd and 3rd matches. . .

“We just really stress on the serve and return battle and that is what we did. We stressed them a lot with our serve. Our block is usually what we are truly doing well in. Everyone did their job in taking away the seams that they normally like to hit. (Kersten) Kober and Gina (Madonia) were back there digging a ton of balls for us and that is exactly what we needed.”


Senior Defensive Specialist/Libero Tristan McCarty

On the defensive aspect in the 2nd and 3rd matches. . .

“It is all about the flow of the game. Volleyball is all about the momentum. It is a good sign to know that we can have momentum in a lot of different areas. We are not just locked in with tunnel vision on just one skill that we are good at. We are versatile, offensively and defensively, and that can get us going. We can get momentum; not a lot of people know that defensive gives you momentum, but it definitely did for us tonight.”

On play of the back row. . .

“When we get points up on that scoreboard, we know that we have something to do with it. As long as we are doing our job, we know that our guys can go up there and score. It is really exciting to see our offensive momentum and our transitions kind of get kicking a little bit because of our passing and digging quality. The first and second contact is a good enough contact that we can get a point scored off it.”