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Athletics Staff Directory

Coaches/Sports Staff
Currie, John Director of Athletics (785) 532-6912 eMail John Currie
Dowdle, Clint Chief of Staff/Assistant AD/Administration (785) 532-7056 eMail Clint Dowdle
Grubbs, Linda Athletic Receptionist (785) 532-6910 eMail Linda Grubbs
Jones, Vicki Executive Assistant to Athletic Director (785) 532-6910 eMail Vicki Jones
Schmidt, Mike Courier/Mail Sorter (785) 532-6910  
Academics & Student Services
Shields, Jill Senior Associate AD/Senior Woman Administrator (785) 532-6620 eMail Jill Shields
Banks, Bill Program Director for Football (785) 532-5193 eMail Bill Banks
Buehler, Jana Academic Learning Specialist (785) 410-9334 eMail Jana Buehler
Edwards, Marissa Academic Advisor (785) 532-6987 eMail Marissa Edwards
Fowler, Liane Program Dir/Spec Learning (785) 532-5196 eMail Liane Fowler
Hamor, Jamie Academic Counselor (785) 532-5097 eMail Jamie Hamor
Moses, Ron Academic Counselor for Football (785) 532-5293 eMail Ron Moses
Pinkett, Cori Life Skills Director (785) 532-5192 eMail Cori Pinkett
Waller, Kristin Assistant Director of Student Services (785) 532-5409 eMail Kristin Waller (Rethman)
Wheeler, Maryclare Academic Services Coordinator (785) 532-5190 eMail Maryclare Wheeler
Athletics Communications
Lannou, Kenny Assistant AD/Communications (785) 532-7977 eMail Kenny Lannou
Smoller, Dave Director of Internet Services (785) 532-0912 eMail Dave Smoller
Gilbert, Tom Associate Director of Athletics Communications (785) 532-7979 eMail Tom Gilbert
Kutz, Chris Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (785) 532-7976 eMail Chris Kutz
Lackey, Ryan Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (785) 532-7708 eMail Ryan Lackey
Peterson, Randy Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (785) 532-7975 eMail Randy Peterson
Henton, Ella Publications Coordinator (785) 532-7692 eMail Ella Henton
Gorman, Mary Administrative Assistant (785) 532-6735 eMail Mary Gorman
Athletic Operations, Facilities & Events
Thomas, Charlie Senior Associate AD/Capital Project Development (785) 532-7608 eMail Charlie Thomas
Scott, Casey Senior Associate AD/Operations and Event Management (785) 532-5263 eMail Casey Scott
Barton, Michael Bramlage Equipment Operator (785) 532-7600 eMail Michael Barton
Berg, Frank Senior Custodial Supervisor (785) 532-7491 eMail Frank Berg
Bokelman, R.J. Director of Facilities Operations (785) 532-7601 eMail R.J. Bokelman
Bolen, Cindi Custodial Specialist WSC (785) 532-7600 eMail Cindi Bolen
Channel, Jasmin Facility Custodian WSC (785) 532-7600 eMail Jasmin Channel
Cordill, Brian Director of Event Operations (785) 532-7713 eMail Brian Cordill
Kary, Ken Facility Maintenance Supervisor/BSFS Complex (785) 532-7600 eMail Ken Kary
Lough, Mary Operations Accountant (785) 532-7276 eMail Mary Lough
Mims, Earl Facility Custodian (785) 532-7600 eMail Earl Mims
Muller, Jim Director of Facilities Maintenance (785) 532-7602 eMail Jim Muller
Noa, Elias Operations Maintenance & Repair (785) 532-7710 eMail Elias Noa
Norris, Tim Events Coordinator (785) 532-7495  
Pecenka, Nick Senior Maintenance Manager (785) 532-7490 eMail Nick Pecenka
Pittman, Terry Specialist (785) 532-7605 eMail Terry Pittman
Toney, Brenda Facility Custodian (785) 532-7600 eMail Brenda Toney
Broadcasting & K-StateHD.TV
Thompson, Wyatt Director of Sportscasting & Public Relations (785) 532-7982 eMail Wyatt Thompson
Smoller, Brian Director of K-StateHD.TV (785) 532-5180 eMail Brian Smoller
Burge, Norm Senior Video Engineer (785) 532-2701 eMail Norm Burge
Koerner, Preston Video Producer (785) 532-2703 eMail Preston Koerner
Liebsch, Andy Assistant Director of Video Services (785) 532-2703 eMail Andy Liebsch
Moline, Jay Assistant Video Producer (785) 532-2703 eMail Jay Moline
Business Office
Shubert, Bruce Associate AD/Business Administration (785) 532-6020 eMail Bruce Shubert
Biehler, Karen Human Resources Specialist II (785) 532-6252 eMail Karen Biehler
TBD Senior Accountant (785) 532-6587 eMail
Shimon, Andrew Director of Information Technology (785)-532-7712 eMail Andrew Shimon
Lane, Aaron Computer Information Specialist (785)-532-7158 eMail Aaron Lane
Stoddard (Havenstein), April Business Office Accountant (785) 532-7199 eMail April Stoddard
Williams, Cindy Human Resource Manager (785) 532-6586 eMail Cindy Williams
Babcock, Lindsey Associate AD/Compliance (785) 532-7969 eMail Lindsey Babcock
Koudele, Daren Senior Director of Compliance (785) 532-7678 eMail Daren Koudele
Fritz, Brady Assistant Director of Compliance (785) 532-6089 eMail Brady Fritz
Oliver, Alic'a Compliance Coordinator (785) 532-5937 eMail Alic'a Oliver
White, Vera Administrative Assistant (785) 532-3990 eMail Vera White
Development (Ahearn Fund)
Veatch, Laird Executive Associate AD (785) 532-7954 eMail Laird Veatch
Buda, Eric Assistant Director of Development - Annual Giving (785) 532-7715 eMail Eric Buda
Clark, Mike Senior Director of Development (785) 532-7716 eMail Mike Clark
Frihart (Barnes), Chelsey Assistant Director of Hospitality and Special Events (785) 532-7952 eMail Chelsey Barnes
Giller, Matt Assistant Director of Development (785) 532-7984 eMail Matt Giller
Kringen, Alex Senior Director of Development - Annual Giving (785) 532-7674 eMail Alex Kringen
Larson, Katie Gift Processing Assistant (785) 532-7882 eMail Katie Larson
McCowan, Josh Associate Director of Development (785) 532-7881 eMail Josh McCowan
Schilling, Austin Associate Director of Development (785) 532-7677 eMail Austin Schilling
Shipman, Susan Director of Hospitality and Special Events (785) 532-7952 eMail Susan Shipman
Rodecap, Will Head Equipment Manager (785) 532-7013 eMail Will Rodecap
Cerbe, Al Head Football Equipment Manager (785) 532-3016 eMail Al Cerbe
Scheideman, Chris Assistant Equipment Manager (785) 532-7013 eMail Chris Scheideman
Spirit Squads
Ruoff, Dani Head Cheerleading/Mascot Coach (785) 532-7983 eMail Dani Ruoff
Sports Medicine
Thomason, Matt Head Athletic Trainer (785) 532-6384 eMail Matt Thomason
Burris, Blaine Assistant Athletic Trainer, Baseball (785) 532-6988 eMail
Hammett, Tom Assistant Athletic Trainer, Track (785) 532-1156 eMail
Hoffman, Mindy Associate Athletic Trainer, Football and Golf (785) 532-5880 eMail
Moran, Alex Assistant Athletic Trainer, W-BKB (785) 532-7055 eMail
Schueth, Emily Assistant Athletic Trainer, Volleyball (785) 532-1156 eMail
Seiler, Simeon Assistant Athletic Trainer, Football (785) 532-5792 eMail
Connole, Ian Director of Sport Psychology (785) 532-3538 eMail Ian Connole
Trausch, Scott Sport Dietitian/Nutritionist (785) 532-6836 eMail
Strength & Conditioning
Dawson, Chris Director of Strength & Conditioning (785) 532-6835 eMail Chris Dawson
Price, Jimmy Strength & Conditioning Coach (785) 532-6531 eMail Jimmy Price
Cavender, Danny Strength & Conditioning Coach (785) 532-7156 eMail Danny Cavender
Honeycutt, Darren Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (785) 395-2670 eMail Darren Honeycutt
Looney, Tyler Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (785) 532-2809 eMail Tyler Looney
Meredith, Corey Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (785) 532-1463 eMail Corey Meredith
Schadt, Kevin Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach (785) 532-1464 eMail Chris Dawson
Ticketing / Fan Experience & Sales
Garrett, Scott Associate AD, Ticketing and Fan Strategies (785) 532-2880 eMail Scott Garrett
Anderson, Austin Fan Experience & Sales Coordinator (785) 532-5379 eMail Austin Anderson
Breymeyer, Tami Director of Licensing (785) 532-6269 eMail
Cook, Ron Graphic Designer (785) 532-5272 eMail Ron Cook
Holste, Adam Director of Ticket Operations (785) 532-7606 eMail Adam Holste
Medved, Chelsi Assistant Director of Ticket Operations (785) 532-7681 eMail Chelsi Medved
Prough, Adam Assistant Director of Fan Strategies (785) 532-6650 eMail
Smoller, Joni Senior Director of Fan Experience and Sales (785) 532-5769 eMail Joni Smoller
  Indicates member of Senior Athletic Staff