2013 Group Tickets SOLD OUT!

Tickets to the 2013 football season are going fast, as all group ticket packages have sold out. With season tickets already selling out, only single-game tickets remain and are expected to sell quickly. Scattered single tickets and Standing-room-only tickets remain for certain games.

Questions? Call Adam Prough at 785-532-6650 for more information.

2013 Game by Game Prices

Game Regular Price Groups of 20+
Friday, Aug 30, North Dakota State $35 $20 SOLD OUT
Sept 7, Louisiana $30 $15 SOLD OUT
Sept 14, UMASS $30 $15 SOLD OUT
Oct 12, Baylor $65 $25 SOLD OUT
Oct 26, West Virginia $55 $20 SOLD OUT
Nov 2, Iowa State $55 $20 SOLD OUT
Nov 16, TCU $65 $25 SOLD OUT

Online Promo Codes

Too easy! No taking orders, collecting money or distributing tickets!

Contact your group ticket representative with the number of tickets your group would like to purchase. An online promo code will be set up just for your group. All you need to do is let your group members know the code, and they can order their own tickets at their convenience!

Call Adam Prough at 785-532-6650 today to set up your group promo code.

Direct Purchase

Do you know the exact number of tickets you need to purchase? Contact the ticket office today at 800-221-CATS to place your order directly on a credit card. Tickets will then be mailed to you for distribution to your group.

Rewards for Group Leaders

To show our thanks for your support of K-State Football by spreading the excitement to your friends and family, group leaders of 50+ will receive a pregame field tour!

All groups will be recognized with their name on the video board.

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