• To provide a home for our basketball programs - the all-inclusive design will cover every daily facility need for our coaches and players, resulting in the place where championship teams will come together….

• To provide needed practice court time and access - currently, due to a multitude of conflicting events and schedules at Bramlage, our programs are forced to travel off-site for a significant portion of their practice times. This facility will provide a private and consistent location for our coaches to teach and our players to learn.

• To compete at the highest level - we are one of only two schools in the Big 12 Conference without a basketball training facility. In order to compete in the strongest conference in the country, we need to provide our programs with the resources necessary to win.

• To enhance our national level recruiting efforts - this facility will provide a showcase for our coaches to recruit the best and brightest student-athletes in the country, complementing our incredible game day atmosphere, ideal college town and world-class university experience.

• To recruit and retain the best coaches - let's face it, we're not just competing for student-athletes…. In order to recruit and retain the best coaching talent in the country, we need to provide them with highly competitive facilities.

• There are other incremental benefits as well - such as freeing up much needed office space for other athletic department staff and providing a unique location for private recruiting and donor functions.

• So, why the sense of urgency? Why build now? For several reasons, such as: capitalizing on the recent success and quality of our programs; catching up with (and surpassing) our competition; and, the potential cost-savings that could result from a competitive construction environment.

• Ultimately, it's about commitment - put simply, building this facility represents a commitment from our university and athletic department leadership - as well as key stakeholders like you - to providing the resources necessary for our basketball programs to win championships.