How can I help make the West Stadium Center become a reality?
The only way we can accomplish this transformational project is with the philanthropic support of the entire K-State nation. Please click HERE to make a donation on-line or click HERE to find out more about Premium Seating opportunities in the new West Stadium Center.

Why should we build the West Stadium Center?
The West Stadium Center (WSC) is ultimately about enhancing the experience for all K-Staters. This facility will be the centerpiece of an overall Master Plan for Bill Snyder Family Stadium, ensuring that our stadium continues to meet the 21st Century needs of student-athletes and fans. Additionally, this project will allow us to catch and surpass our competition while sending a message to the nation that K-State is committed to competing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics.

All fans will benefit from an enhanced game day experience with improvements and updates to grass-roots fan amenities, which date back to circa 1968. In addition to providing a more accessible, safe and secure environment for K-State families, the West Stadium Center will increase the number of restroom fixtures from less than 100 to well over 200, add concession points of sale, and improve the ADA seating. A large covered concourse of approximately 40,000 square feet will feature a Hall of Honor for all K-State sports and approximately 30 televisions so fans do not miss a minute of the action on the field.

This first-class facility will become the new northwest Gateway to the K-State campus and make a strong first impression to all who visit our great University. A classic limestone exterior and architecture reminiscent of the heart of campus will provide a signature image for K-State Athletics befitting the beauty and tradition of the historical K-State campus and serve as a point of pride to all K-Staters for generations to come.

All K-State student-athletes will benefit on a daily basis with the addition of a new world-class dining and dietary experience located within the West Stadium Center. The new Dining Hall will provide varied dining options for the complex dietary needs of student-athletes and serve as a place to build camaraderie between the 16 athletic teams. Because of its location and direct access to the Vanier Complex and Academic Learning Center it will also allow student-athletes to more efficiently manage their busy academic and athletic schedules.

How much will the project cost and how will it be funded?
The total project cost is $75 million, including construction costs, FF&E, associated fees and contingencies. No tax or university tuition dollars will be used. The West Stadium Center will be funded by the generosity of K-Staters through a three-part funding strategy:

  • Leadership Philanthropy -- as demonstrated with the five seven-figure gifts to the Basketball Training Facility project, there are K-Staters with the capacity, passion and vision needed to fund a significant portion of this project.
  • Construction Contributions -- whether they are donors securing a new high-end premium seating option or grass roots fans making contributions online, we are asking all K-Staters to see this as a philanthropic opportunity.
  • Ahearn Fund Support -- the projected increases in annual Ahearn Fund contributions associated with premium seating opportunities in the WSC will allow us to utilize bonds to accelerate the timeline of the project.

This progressive yet feasible funding plan is consistent with K-State Athletics' commitment to fiscal integrity. Over 1/3rd of the funding needed has already been secured through early commitments from leadership donors and premium seat patrons. To ensure a responsible investment we will require that 50-60% or more in funding commitments before issuing bonds and breaking ground on construction.

What will happen to the current West Side Press Box and Concourse during construction?
Now that sufficient funding has been secured, construction will begin in May 2012. The current press box will remain in place for the entire 2012 season with demolition planned for after the final home game. The current West Suite and West Club seating will be unaffected in 2012.

The construction process should not affect the vast majority of the west side lower bowl seats and sight lines. However, the concourse level bleacher seats and the top rows of sections 1, 3 and 7 will be relocated to accommodate the construction process and ADA requirements. Season-ticket holders in these areas have been notified and K-State Athletics is working with each person to accommodate them in other areas of the stadium. Construction will also impact some of the entrances, concession areas, restrooms and concourses. more information on temporary accommodations will be provided to all K-State fans prior to the football season.

If I'm not interested in purchasing premium seating, how will the West Stadium Center benefit me and other fans like me?
The West Stadium Center will improve the game day experience for ALL fans. One of the main features will be a wide main concourse of approximately 40,000 square feet which will include a K-State Athletics Hall of Honor. Fans will also enjoy new and additional concessions and restrooms, a customer-friendly ticket office location and Cats Closet retail spaces, more points of entry to the stadium, new field lighting and handicap accessible accommodations.

Ahearn Fund members will also have the opportunity to enjoy a unique tailgate terrace during the pre-game, at half-time and post-game festivities. The WSC will be a year-round facility providing meeting and event spaces as well as potential office space for athletics and media relations staff, allowing for future expansion to south stadium fan amenities.

How will this project impact the rest of the stadium?
The West Stadium Center is the second of a six-phase Master Plan to update and improve Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The first phase, completed in August 2011, included new restrooms on the East Side Upper Deck, updates to existing concessions and new turf for Wagner Field. Subsequent phases of the Master Plan will be completed as demand, funding and other outside factors allow.

Will the West Stadium Center increase the overall capacity of Bill Snyder Family Stadium?
We do not project a significant impact to the overall capacity of the stadium by the construction of the West Stadium Center. While a good number of premium seats will be added, the removal of the unsightly metal bleachers currently located at the top of sections 2 and 9 will minimize the overall capacity impact. Season-ticket holders in those sections will have the opportunity to relocate to comparable seating locations.


When will the West Stadium Center project begin?
Now that 50-60% of funding commitments are secured, an official announcement will be made to move forward with the bond issuance and construction of the West Stadium Center. A groundbreaking ceremony was held April 28, 2012, prior to the Spring Football game.

Will the construction interrupt the 2012 football season?
While it is our intent to have construction ongoing during the 2012 football season, the current press box will remain in place with demolition scheduled after the final home game. There will be a construction site which will impact some of the entrances, concession areas, restrooms and concourses. More information on how this will be managed will be provided to all K-State fans prior to the football season.

When will the West Stadium Center be complete?
Understanding that factors beyond our control may dictate otherwise, K-State Athletics has set an aggressive goal for the West Stadium Center to be substantially complete for occupancy by the 2013 football season.

When will the subsequent phases of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium Master Plan begin?
Consistent with our pledge of fiscal responsibility, there is no set timetable for future phases because various factors will influence the necessity and/or ability to responsibly complete each phase.


How will parking be impacted for the 2012 season, during construction?
We are currently working with the Construction Manager to determine the impact of the construction site on parking for the 2012 season. Our goal is to minimize any possible impact. As soon as more specific details are known, we will communicate with all Ahearn Fund members affected.

Will parking change when the West Stadium Center is complete?
Potentially due to the construction footprint as well as the need to accommodate donors who invest in new west side premium seating opportunities, there will likely be a need to make some adjustments to west side parking. We are currently analyzing several scenarios with the goal to have as little disruption to parking as possible. Ahearn Fund members who currently purchase parking will continue to have parking options under any scenario.

"I cannot say enough about it and the things that we have in store are amazing to say the least. What we have now, which is what I have grown up around all of my life, and then looking to what we are going to have in the future, words cannot describe it. With the new basketball training facility and the West stadium expansion, when all that is done it is going to be a completely different look. I think our new facilities will be some of the best in the conference and it is just going to raise the level of atmosphere. Game days are going to be a whole different feeling and I think the fans, the coaches and the players all have something to be very excited about. It is something that everyone can take a little bit of pride in because it is such a big change. It is something that K-State is going to be known for."

--- Curry Sexton, Wide Receiver
Abilene, KS

Project Summary

Estimated size: over 250,000 gross sq. ft.
(including enclosed & finished exterior areas)

Primary elements include:

  • A world-class student-athlete Dining Hall and commissary
  • A K-State Athletics “Hall of Honor” within a wide main Concourse
  • Greatly enhanced Concession and Restroom facilities
  • Customer-friendly Ticket Office and Cats Closet retail spaces
  • A unique “Tailgate Terrace” for Ahearn Fund members to enjoy pre-game, at half-time and post-game
  • University Lounge & Event space for game day entertainment and year-round meetings and events
  • Potential office space for athletics and media relations staff, allowing for future expansion to south stadium fan amenities
  • An upgraded media, broadcast and operations level providing enhanced television and technology capacities
  • Multiple Premium Seating opportunities including approximately 40 private Suites, 36 Loge boxes and 800 Club seats

Estimated total project cost: $75 Million
(including construction costs, FF&E, all associated fees and contingencies)

  • We anticipate issuance of up to $50 Million in state bonds to be funded through a combination of long-term Ahearn Fund revenues and near-term Construction Contributions.
  • The remaining $25 Million will be funded through a combination of Leadership Philanthropy and Construction Contributions.

The contracted Architects are AECOM (formerly Ellerbe-Becket out of Kansas City) with design support from Heery Design

The Construction Managers will be GE Johnson and Mortenson Construction

  • Note that we are utilizing a “Construction Manager at Risk” process as allowed by “Senate Bill 9” which we believe will provide the best results considering the size, complexity and time constraints of this project.