Why Build?

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In keeping with the vision of "a model intercollegiate athletics program" The WSC will help us achieve our goals of:


"The best fan experience in the Big 12"

All fans will benefit from an enhanced game day experience with improvements and updates to grass-roots fan amenities that date back to 1968, providing a more accessible, safe and pleasant environment for Kansas State families.

The West Stadium Center has something for everyone, including:

  • An increase in restroom fixtures from less than 100 to well over 200.
  • More concession points of sale, from 14 to approximately 50.
  • Improvements in ADA seating and access.
  • More points of stadium entry, increasing to approximately 40.
  • Larger concourse, increasing square footage to about 40,000.
  • Additional amenities such as around 30 television monitors in the concourse.
  • A new Hall of Honor to recognize K-State's Athletics tradition and history.

"A world-class student-athlete experience"

All student-athletes will benefit on a daily basis with the addition of a new world-class dining and dietary experience.

The new Dining Hall within the WSC will provide:

  • Varied dining options for the complex dietary needs of student-athletes
  • Place to build camaraderie among our teams
  • Clear commitment to excellence to future recruits in all sports
  • Direct view of Bill Snyder Family Stadium and the field
  • Outdoor dining options on the Tailgate Terrace
  • Plenty of parking availability
  • An on-site commissary for efficient game day services
  • Direct access from the Vanier Complex for student-athletes utilizing the Academic Learning Center and other areas of this central facility

"Value to University, community and state"

This first-class facility will become the new northwest Gateway to the K-State campus and make a strong first impression to all who visit our great University.

The large scale limestone and architecture reminiscent of the heart of campus will provide a signature image for K-State Athletics befitting the beauty and tradition of the historical K-State campus and serve as a point of pride to all K-Staters for generations to come.


"Championship-level athletic performances"

The West Stadium Center will make a statement to future recruits, student-athletes and coaches that K-State is committed to competing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics.

  • Recruits will see the facilities they need to be successful and recognize a true commitment to excellence.
  • Student-athletes will enjoy a world-class dining experience and take pride in their home facilities.
  • Current and future coaches will know that K-State has the resources and passion necessary to win championships.

The recent conference realignment process validated the importance of remaining competitive in the sport of football.

  • The current press box served us well and represented a major commitment in its time, and preceded a decade of on-field performances that included 11-win seasons, top-tier bowl games and championships.
  • However, considering the amazing growth in college athletics - and within the Big 12 Conference in particular - in the last 20 years, a candid analysis suggests it is critical that we invest in the competitive stature of our stadium complex to remain viable at the national level.

"Value to University, community and state"

The investment in the WSC will also provide competitive returns for our University, community and state.

  • This first-class facility will enhance the presentation of the K-State brand to a national television audience.
  • The WSC will serve as a visible rallying point for the University’s visionary "K-State 2025" plan.
  • There will be a significant economic impact to the region both through the short-term construction process and the long-term viability of K-State football.
  • As a year-round facility, the WSC will provide much needed banquet and function/meeting space for the community.


"Integrity and transparency in matters of finance"

The WSC will be funded by the generosity of K-Staters through a three-part funding strategy.

  • Leadership Philanthropy -- as demonstrated with the five seven-figure gifts to the Basketball Training Facility project, there are K-Staters with the capacity, passion and vision needed to fund a significant portion of this project.
  • Construction Contributions -- whether they are donors securing a new high-end premium seating option or grass roots fans making contributions on-line, we are asking all K-Staters to see this as a philanthropic opportunity.
  • Ahearn Fund Support -- the projected increases in Ahearn Fund contributions associated with premium seating opportunities in the WSC will allow us to fund a significant portion of this project through state issued bonds.

This progressive yet feasible funding plan is consistent with our commitment to fiscal integrity.

  • Over 1/3rd of the funding needed has already been secured through early commitments from leadership donors and premium seat patrons.
  • To ensure a responsible investment, we will require 50-60% or more in funding commitments before issuing bonds and breaking ground on construction.
  • While we will also count on K-State's philanthropic leaders and grass-roots support, our budget associated with premium seating revenues is based on approximately 75% of total capacity.

Completing this transformational project now will position us to further invest in the long term success of our programs and facility infrastructure.

  • Considering the success of Coach Snyder's football team, historically low construction prices and bonding rates, now is the time for us to step forward and complete this transformational project.
  • Funding the WSC with donor support will allow us to invest future conference television revenues back into the competitive needs of our programs.
  • Completing the largest core facility project of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium Master Plan first will allow us to focus our efforts on completing the remaining phases incrementally over time.
  • This project will significantly increase our annual Ahearn Fund revenue capacity and the competitive status of our budget within the Big 12 Conference.

The campaign has started, and you can be a part of the future! Make a donation, set up an informational appointment, or give us your feedback. This project would not be possible without the generosity and grass-roots support from K-Staters like you!